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Welcome to God’s Messages of Love


My dear children,
Allow the joy of My love to consume you with peace this day.
Allow the joy of My mercy that forgives and redeems to elevate your soul into the eternal light of hope.
Allow the joy of knowing and trusting in Me to be your Savior, to give you peace; for when one experience peace, they experience great joy.
Joy is an eternal gift from God, Our Father, Who desires for His children to experience happiness and hope.

Joy is the eternal love of Heaven on Earth; for when one experiences love on Earth, they experience Heaven on Earth.
Every soul desires happiness and joy, and when the soul is glad in union with God’s will, they experience the peace of knowing that I am with them.

Joy overcomes fear. 
Joy overcomes despair.
Joy, through faith overcomes discouragement and hopelessness.

This is My hope for My children that they receive the joy of My love,  and experience pure joy in their hearts through a pure love for Me.
The joy of hope is a gift for all souls.
May joy live within your hearts.
May joy always live within you.

The Joy of the Power of Love.



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