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Messages previous years

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familia feliz154

Messages 2019 July 27th, 2019 Jesus My dear dear child, may the eternal light of my love fill your heart with peace this day and rejoice, rejoice in all that…

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familia feliz153

Messages 2017 December 04, 2017 My dear child, I love you, I love you. Allow me to hold me within your arms. Allow me to take you to paradise within…

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familia feliz155

Messages 2016 July 20, 2016Mary:My dear, dear, child,May the eternal light of my Son’s love fill your heart with peace this day, as well the hearts of all my children…

Messages 2015

familia feliz145

Messages 2015 I love you. Jesus: My dear, dear child, open your heart this day to the eternal love of My Cross, and may the power of the light of My…

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