Messages of June 27, 2020

Messages of June 27, 2020

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Messages of June 27, 2020

June 27, 2020. My dear child: Through the fire of my divine love I am asking you to sing a new song of love for my children, I’m asking you to sing a new song of hope for their souls so in need of my mercy. I am asking you to open your heart each day, that their hearts through these messages of love may be lit with the fire of my divine love through the power of the Holy Spirit within them. I am asking you to perfect my new covenant which is love itself for the poor, the sick, the dying, the oppressed, all souls in need of my mercy and my forgiveness; to save them daily, to bring the joy and hope of redemption within their hearts. I love you, I love you, I love each one of you my dear children. May the peace of my resurrection be with you always.

June 27, 2020. My dear child: I love you, come into my arms this day, come into the holy arms of your Savior that shall console, guide and give you strength. I am always present to the power of the Holy Spirit and I desire for souls to call upon my Spirit daily to sustain them, to guide them, to strengthen them and to give them hope; may the peace of the Holy Spirit guide your soul, and renew your strength and courage daily for the love of God for the eternal glory of my Father and for all souls in need of my merciful hope.

June 27, 2020. Our Lord says: My dear child, let your heart rest, let your heart rest within my heart this night, let your heart rest within the eternal heart of your Savior, where you shall always find peace. Be not afraid, be not afraid, for I am always with you and I shall never abandon you. Yes, I desire that you open your heart to me fully, for the hearts of your brothers and sisters. Not that you may be exposed, or seem weak or vulnerable but most importantly that through Me, they may find a greater strength, they may be the voice of my heart, the voice of my love. Yes, let your heart rest always within my heart that I may console you and give you peace and the sufferings that you experience for the glory of my love through your suffering I shall take you to new heights of love each day, to new heights of hope, to be a light of hope for others in need. Yes, let your heart rest in me my love. Always and forever.

June 27, 2020. It is the night stilland the light of the stars fill the darkness with hope. I am now having a vision of the beauty of Jesus standing before me, He has exposed the Sacred Heart and as He opens His arms extending them to receive me, rays and golden light began to emanate from His body,the rays are warm and I fell in lonely peace within the eternal abyss of the Sacred Heart, the eternal abyss of his merciful love. He has allowed me to witness the eternal garden of Eden, the garden of God’s grace and the restoration of grace to which he’s calling us daily through the repentance of our sins and the conversion of our hearts. The garden is eternal and beautiful. It is a resting place for our souls, it is the first creation of God’s pure Grace on earth.

Our Lord Jesus now says in his message: My dear child, I am calling all souls to the restoration of grace, I am calling on all souls to the eternal garden of my love, to the eternal abyss of My Sacred Heart where they may live within me and I within them. I am calling all souls to the purity of my love, the purity of my hope and forgiveness of my mercy, for the conversion of their hearts to reside themon a deep state of repentance and love for Me and my Father. Yes, my dear child,I am calling each and every one of my children throughout the world to live in a deeper state of grace through faith, through the practice of the faith and through loving me loving God alone above all things, seeking first the kingdom of God and above all things for the hearts of all mankind that I am calling to be redeemed; It is through the eternal power my love and merciful compassion that I’m calling each one of you to repent, to repent into live in a deeper state of faith and a relationship with me you Lord, your God, your Savior. I love you my dear children, I love you, I love each one of you. May the eternal love of my Father fill your heart with peace this nightand may the Holy Spirit rest within your souls.

June 27, 2020. Our Lord says: Love my dear child, love, love is the only way. Tell my children to love, tell them not to be afraid as I have told you so often, you are weaker and weary child but through your weakness I shall continue to strengthen and sanctify you; as I desire to perfect all of my children. Love my dear child, tell them, tell them not to be afraid but to have all hope in Me.

June 27, 2020. My dear child: You must bear all for Me, you must bear all of your soul for your brothers and sisters, only then will you have united your sufferings to my passion, as I gave myself as a living sacrifice for all of my children. I too, I’m asking you to offer yourself as a living and spiritual sacrifice for your brothers and sisters. My dear child in bearing all for them, they shall find Me in you and know you in Me. We shall be united as one for the glory of my Father, our Father, my little lamb. So be not afraid but bear all of your soul, every strength every weakness in and through me so that they shall know me in and through you. I love you and I love all of my children. I am sorry that you have suffered so but this is the path of My Father’s glory and in that you shall have great peace and joy, the joy of redemption and the joy of my eternal hope within your soul.

June 27, 2020. My dear child now is the time for which I have called you to by my messenger of love, to be my voice through your voice, to fulfill my heart through your heart for the love of my children and the love of your brothers and sisters. Yes, my dear child now is the time that you must offer yourself as an eternal living sacrifice of the love for their souls, for the conversion and peace. I am asking you to make the sacrifice which I know shall not be easy,but through my grace which is sufficient in all circumstances, you shall prevail with love. Love is the path; it is the only way of my living passion. Life and light for all souls in need of my mercy.

June 27, 2020. My dear child rest this night, yes, rest within my heart and do not fear the attacks of the evil one for I shall protect you in My mercy and in My light for he cannot stand in the light of My presence, he cannot stand in the light of My love, that Ionce said cast out all fear. My words are living in eternal my child, but my enemy Satan, desires to destroy life, the life of my word, that I desire lives within each soul. Yes, I shall protect you from the enemy as I desire to protect all of my children who call upon me. I shall protect them in My love, in My peace and in My mercy. Rest this night and offer your soul as a living sacrifice to me.

June 27, 2020. I am now having a vision of Jesus before me. He’s up here holding the top of the Holy Spirit in his right hand. He is spirit of love for all of humanity; He is spirit of hope for every soul, for every one of his children. Our Lord is beautiful and is grace and in his mercy he lives.

He now says: My dear child is through the power of the Holy Spirit that I’m calling all of my children to receive the love of My light within their souls, this shall give them peace, peace in my mercy, peace in the mercy of My consolation for all that they are suffering, especially in these days of sorrow, that this too shall pass in the glory of my love, hope and redemption for all of humanity. I Love you my child as I love each one of them. No man is greater than the other for my mercy and love are equal for all souls. Give your heart, give your heart to me, give your heart to them and you shall rejoice, you shall receive great joy for the glory of our Father. Amen.

June 27, 2020. My dear child: you must now come to me forever; there shall be no turning back on this path of love and neither shall you look back. I know that you have experience many fears and sorrows, that you feel alone and afraid, specially without the love of your earthly mother who is now with me. You must trust in this always, as I have allowed you to witness, I want you to bear every emotion for the love of your brothers and sisters, for through you they shall find me in these messages of love and everything that you experience for my love and giving yourself to me and I to you. You see my dear child, if you withhold me in your heart, then they will all know My heart through you. You must give your heart to me so I may give your heart to them. I in you, you in Me as one for all eternity.

June 27, 2020. Jesus: My dear child,come, come now for the love of your brothers and sisters, come and give yourself to me that I may embrace you my love.

Gregory: Jesus is now with me, He’s standing before me, He has opened his arms to receive me and I am now entering his embrace. I love you my Lord, I love you. Take me as you desire, unite my heart to your heart, unite this night of my passion with your passion, that love may always win, that love may always have the victory. I, who am so weak; you must up hold me in your embrace and carry me for I do not desire to walk any longer in this world, amongst the world without living within your embrace of mercy. I need you Jesus and I can never live without You. You who have always been my love, You who have always come to me since I was a child, every day is a glory in and through you. There is so much to share, there’s so much that you desire that I share with my brothers and sisters, out of fear I have withheld, and you continue to take me to new heights of your glory, you continue to give me courage and strength and at the end I pray that we shall be together eternally.

 I love you my child. Jesus now says I love you. He kisses me on the cheek as his son, as his brother and as my friend. I could have never lived without Him and I pray the same for you my dear brothers and sisters.

June 27th, 2020. My dear child: Come to Me that I may possess you this night, that I may consume you in the glory of My love. I’m asking you to call lost souls to repent, to repent,and to prepare the way for my heart. I’m calling all souls to repent in preparation for my coming, my second coming of love for all of my children. My coming of hope not of fear, of mercy, I came to give mercy. Yes, there will be one day, the day of justice, but the ease are the eternal days of mercy for those who choose to love me and desire to be with me eternally. Yes, call them to repent, and I ask of you to repent from your heart each day, to keep your heart pure in my love, repentance that heals that sanctifies, purifies and gives live to the soul.