Messages of June 19, 2020

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Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Messages of June 19, 2020

June 19th 2020. Jesus: Oh Come my love, in this heavenly night, and this we do of the ocean mist amongst the stars that light a fire within my soul of stars.They shine so brightly, so silently for God’s glory, amongst the pines and the maples, in the darkness that illuminates one soul to bring us peace and the hope of knowing and trusting that God is always present with us, within our souls to carry us into this luminous beauty; The illumination of love within us knowing and believing that You are in all things, that You are in me and all around me. My dear, dear child,I your Lord Jesus desire to carry your soul amongst the joy of the stars, they shine so brightly in the night to illuminate the earth with hope in the mercy and in the peace of my presence. For I, the lord your god I’m always with you, in you and all around you, and the love of all things that I created for the joy, in the hope of your soul.

Gregory: Yes, my lord. Yes. Carry my soul to the heavens for I can feel the stars, and all of creation within Me through you and the peace of the night too, of the big whispering pines and of the hope of morning to come.

Jesus: My dear child. Morning light shall always be for the hope of the soul that passes through the night in the beauty of the faith of god’s glory. I your living God desire to bring you peace, the peace that I desire to give to all of my children. May the eternal light of my love light your soul with this peace, to carry you to heaven this night, to carry you within the arms of my love; for I shall never abandon you; and I your Lord, your God, I’m always with you. Trust my child. Trust in the hope and the joy of my mercy and may the peace of this night bring peace to your soul uniting you to all the angels and saints and heaven from my glory, And the glory of my Father, and the Holy Spirit; we as one Father, Son and Holy Ghost. The Trinity of eternal love for all souls, for all of my children in need. I love you I love you. Let me carry you within my arms to paradise.