Messages 2003

Messages 2003

Messages 2003

July 4, 2003
JESUS: May the light of My Spirit fill you with heavenly peace and may the joy of My mercy spring from within your heart to cleanse you of all sin and keep you pure for Me. I know your trials and struggles to love Me. Thank you for making the sacrifice to honor Our love at this moment and every moment of your life; for the Cross will continue to shine daily within your heart and the hearts of all believers throughout the world.
GREGORY: Thank you, Jesus, I am sorry for my sins and the sins of the whole world, I ask for Your forgiveness and trust in the beauty of Your mercy to redeem Me. I desire to keep My heart pure for you from every sin.
JESUS: Do you desire to remain within My Heart forever?
GREGORY: Yes, I desire this more than anything, but I am a weak sinner in need of the mercy of Your grace to sustain me. I desire to receive the strength and courage of Your Spirit to be my Holy guide.
O My eternal love, I will sing the glory of your praises for eternity. I will let Your Heart consume me in an eternal marriage of love for all souls in need of Your mercy. Not for myself, but all things for the glory of Our love. May the Hand of Your eternal mercy rest within My heart, for I desire to become more humble in truth and in the light of Your heavenly Spirit to heal me in conversion daily.
JESUS: I am the eternal light. May your Heart be consumed in a marriage of love for all souls in need of the joy of My mercy. Yes, let your heart sing of love for them. My Heart is always waiting to be One with you, that We may shine in the beauty of these words for all eternity. May We shine in love as your heart is open to Love. Let your heart sing of love.
Gregory, I love you. I love you. Do not let your heart be discouraged by Satan. He will always attempt to do so, just as he attempted with My apostles. You have been called to be an apostle of mercy, an apostle of apostolic love for all souls in need of My mercy. Satan does not want this and he will use every human weakness and frailty to convert your heart to the darkness. This is why I am asking you to always remain in the light of prayer.
Yes, others may not understand the nature of these attacks, but they are tests of faith meant to uphold you in humility and in the truth of My word.
GREGORY: Lord, I always felt as though …
JESUS: Your feelings were not incorrect. I know all of your faults and sins and these are not to be judged by anyone. Neither should you discuss such matters of your heart with anyone except your spiritual director. He will lead you as I desire. He will lead you to the sanctuary of My heart. Trust only in My mercy and Me. This is your mission because I have called you in My Name to preach of My love to the nations. You can claim this as your mission because this is My gift and My word to you, and yes, you must protect it. Live within Me and you shall do so.
May the glorious light of My love call you home to My Heart forever. Yes, sing of the glory of our Love.

July 7, 2003
GREGORY: And now the song of love begins, it is a song that has always called me, a song with new words that are born within my heart each day and they never leave me; for they have been with me since and before my birth, before I was conceived His words shaped me according to His will and the desires of His Heart. I pray that these words will never leave me for they are all that I have, they are the joy of My life, even when I try to run into the darkness, they are my salvation, my call and my journey through this life of sorrow, this life of immense joy in the compassion of God’s love.
These are the words of hope, the words of the song of hope that offer salvation to all souls in need of God’s mercy. Come, my brothers and sisters and let us sing, let us sing of this new land where all of the fields are golden in truth’s brightness.
It is the heart of our mother, our Queen of Heaven that gave birth to this land in her Son’s Heart. May the honors of Mary be sung for all generations and may she live within us, as Jesus lives within us to give us new life in the mercy of His forgiveness. May life sing within us, may we take each other’s hand in prayer daily.
JESUS: I am Life and I gave birth to life through My death and resurrection on the Cross. She, who is my mother, should be honored by all souls for she is the Queen, the Immaculate Conception of Grace born into this world of sorrows so that all may live through Me.
I love My Mother, I love her so dearly and I am asking all souls to love and honor her more dearly each day and in doing so, they will love and honor their own mother’s; for My mother’s love, will teach them that.
Gregory, open your eyes now and see that she is always calling you. She desires to be your mother’s love. I am always praying for your mother.
GREGORY: Jesus, thank you for praying for her. I love you. Thank you for all of the graces that You have given Me. I will always remain in the song of Your love for all eternity. This is my desire.
JESUS: You are tired. Do not allow Satan to discourage you. He is always waiting to mislead your prayers. I am with you. I will rest with you this night. I will rest within your heart. Do not be afraid, but offer Me your love. Do not be discouraged or loose hope for I have sent … to help you. … will tend to your heart. Be open and prayerful. Be thankful and happy. Yes, that is right Gregory. Yes, there now, do not be afraid of being hurt; for love will sometimes hurt. Love has a sorrow that can never be taken. With love there is both joy and sorrow because you are human. You will always struggle to love, and I am pleased that this is your desire.

July 8, 2003
GREGORY: In the silence of the night He comes. He comes like the calming of the storm lit by the light of His love. He will always be with us for He is Jesus, our King and our Savior for all who choose His redemptive graces. He is My God, and My friend, most gentle and loving. He is my love, for He has never left me.
May Your praises be always sung throughout the earth. May you forgive me for abandoning You out of fear, like Peter. May You lead the way within my small heart to teach me to love You more each day, to be honest, and to be good like You.
Thank You for loving me all of these years, and all of the days of my life. Thank You for Your kindness, Your mercy and unending compassion. I am nothing without You, my Lord, and God. What do You desire to share with my heart?
JESUS: My dear children are in need of the mercy of My compassion for their hearts are dry. Look around you Gregory and you will see their loneliness and pain, their need for love.
My children are in need of love, offer to their hearts all of My love. This is why they are seeking such alternatives to grace; for their hearts fear, even themselves. So they continue walking a path of darkness like lost sheep within a storm and cannot see that I am present, their Shepherd is always present to love them. This is however what Satan wants but the Lady clothed with the light of her Son’s Heart will defeat him.
GREGORY: Jesus, I do not understand for it appears that you changed the message.
JESUS: No My child, listen. For your Lady of the night, Your Lady of silence is coming to take you home to Me daily, Satan wants for all souls to be confused by his temptations that will mislead them into darkness, that will mislead them out of the light of love and into His hands. He is always waiting to deceive souls.
GREGORY: Jesus, will you help me to be obedient to the desires of your heart.
MARY: I am the Queen of Heaven and it is my desire for all souls to be free to live in the light. I want your heart to be pure for the love of my Son so His Heart may shine through in every storm. Be not afraid, Gregory, be not afraid for Jesus is with you. Place your heart within His Heart daily that you may not be deceived. Trust soly in His mercy and love.
I always want you to be close to Us so that we may protect your heart, be not afraid of this experience that you are having within our Hearts. It has been many years now and you are still afraid to come to us.
GREGORY: Mother, I do not know why?
MARY: Seek the answer in prayer daily for this is what Satan wants, that you may become blind from the Heart of Jesus; love.
(Later on the same morning)
GREGORY: Jesus, I love you. Your mercy is endless. I pray for all souls in need of Your merciful love. May we always follow Your golden rule in fulfilling the New Covenant of love given to mankind by Your death and resurrection on the Cross.
Come My love and take My Hand.
Jesus, that person’s tone to whom I was speaking earlier was so strong that it hurt me. I feel sorry for her, although she almost made me want to respond in the same manner. I know that she did
not mean to offend me and was only doing the work prescribed to her. So I forgive her now and offer our conversation to you that my heart may be forgiven and consoled.
JESUS: Yes, Gregory, we must always walk in the mercy of Our Father, Who so loves His children that He sent Me to redeem the world, even from the simplest seeds of resentment that can turn a humble, soft heart into a hardened sinner. If not carefully watered by my mercy, these seeds can become vines of impurity for a heart filled with angst is not to be trusted with My mercy.
I have entrusted you with My mercy for you always forgive and to forgive others is to love Me more deeply.
GREGORY: Jesus, it has never been My desire to truly offend anyone, although in my own human weakness, I have done so many times, especially those closest to me, those that I love most dearly. Jesus, You are so good and kind to my heart. You always help me and every circumstance and so I implore Your mercy once again in asking You to help me perfect those weaknesses within my heart that may offend You; for I feel the least sin within Me and I do not want to allow those seeds of darkness to grow within My Heart.
JESUS: Gregory, I love you and have entrusted My mercy to you because you desire to love souls so dearly, but in that love, in every weakness you are being perfected. So trust in My mercy to heal you. Thank you for loving My children so dearly. I know within My Heart that you do not desire to offend anyone or take advantage of them. I want you to place every seed, both good and bad within my heart that they may bear good fruit, beautiful fruits of love and mercy, of hope for poor sinners.
Yes, I will teach you to love in such a way that will heal the beauty of your soul in such a way that will elevate you into a new light of rebirth daily. I desire to consume your soul with the holiness of My love that one day, you will be a…
GREGORY: O Jesus, I am sorry for every sin, mostly for having offended Your Heart in leaving You on the Cross to suffer alone. Although you have been resurrected, Your heart continues to suffer and grieve the loss of sinners to the darkness. I love You. Make me anew. Make me like a flower that will blossom in the purity of Your love daily, a mountain of light that will allow souls to travel down their paths through Your words through me. I love you. I love you. May Your love fortify me daily to live in the mystery of the light that transforms every soul into glorious beings of grace for the glory of Your Father, Our Father in heaven…
JESUS: My dear child, My children are waiting, give your heart to them. Give them My Holy love. Take my hand and let Me lead you to Italy, and to Ecuador.
GREGORY: Jesus, why am I always concerned about leaving my home?
JESUS: For the same reason that I was, I knew that I would miss My mother, My friends and family in Nazareth, but I also new that I would have to make this sacrifice to fulfill My Father’s will, and for this reason, I also felt a sense of joy and sorrow knowing My destiny as the Savior.
GREGORY: How can I overcome this?
JESUS: Prayer is the key. Remain in prayer with Me daily and I will help you regarding these matters.
GREGORY: Then I will not wait. Help me now for you always answer my prayers most often immediately. Yes, my brothers and sisters, Jesus is so good and kind that all I must do is have a thought in prayer and He goes ahead of Me to do His work, preparing every detail with kindness and love.

July 10, 2003
JESUS: Yes, come to Me, My love and let us fly throughout heaven and earth for all souls in need of the mercy of My peace. Yes, come and take My Hand. Do you desire to speak with Gabriel? He is on your heart.
GREGORY: Yes, I want to tell him that I love him, and I thank You for having sent him to help me in my battles against Satan.
ANGEL GABRIEL: : Gregory, come to me, we know every weakness and all things concerning your past, present and future. We love you. We desire that you place your heart within the Heart of Jesus, within His Heart of love that It may hold you. Do not be concerned about going out to speak at this time, simply offer your heart to Jesus and He will guide you in all matters of your mission, His mission, for the glory of God, Our Father, for the glory of love. Let your heart sing of love this day. Let your heart sing of mercy in His arms. We love you. I am always with you. I am always seeking to help you with everything. Do not be afraid because God is with you. Allow your heart to fly in the glory of His love. Allow your heart to increase in love and in doing so you it will become more humble. Seek to love Jesus with all your heart and He will guide you as He desires. He will guide you, no other. The path is filled with roses and thorns, but love will always win. Love will always have victory. Be at peace. Be at peace to serve Him always.
JESUS: Be still and be patient, I will show you the way according to My path of love. Find the beauty of love in all things. Seek to love with all of your heart. Do not be afraid. Follow the path of love.
(Later that same morning)
GREGORY: [I am having a vision of a morning sky. Where there had previously been storm clouds, the horizon is now being filled with shades of blue and pink, colors so beautiful that they soothe the soul. There is a white dove flying out of the storm clouds into the light.]
GREGORY: I am having memories of visiting Rome and the Vatican, although I do not know why, I believe this vision is relevant to these memories, and a vision that I had some years ago when the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove rested over the top of the dome of St. Peters, and rays of light came from His Heart which descended upon the Altar and throughout the church.
O how the Holy Spirit assists us in the storms of our lives to bring healing and peace to those who are in need. May the power of the Holy Spirit fill our heart with grace that we may grow in the love of the Lord.
JESUS: I am coming to bring peace to those in need of the gift of My word to heal them. It is through these seeds of life that one becomes united in faith to My Heart and the Heart of the Holy Spirit that uplifts all souls for the glory of My Father through the redemptive graces of My Heart. May the beauty of My Heart continue to flow like a river of light, and through you as a gift for others in need.
It is through the storms of every day life, when they are most frightening, that one becomes united to grace. I am always present to calm the storm. My Heart is always waiting to be called upon, as the apostles called upon Me to help them. Let your heart be glad that you have come through this storm and allowed Me to carry you as I desire. It would have gotten worse had you not relied on Father D. to assist you. Thank you for trusting him. He will always help you in My Name for the glory of the kingdom.
Greg, now it is time to allow Me to carry you further into My Heart that you may know and continue to follow My desires. Do not be afraid, you have great courage to love. I will help you with everything. My heart desires that you be at peace. My Heart desires that you come to love Me daily. I will always be with you, for that light out of the darkness will always be Me.
O how I wait the day of My coming. O how I believe in you. I trust you and desire that you fulfill My will to prepare the hearts of those who believe with love. I know that you will do so for I am your Savior. I know that you will spread the message of My love throughout the earth for it is My will that souls repent from their misery.
JESUS: Through silence and prayer, through silence and prayer I will carry you to My Peter. Through silence and prayer, you will know his Heart and what he needs from Me; for I will instruct you.
GREGORY: Lord, if this is your will…
JESUS: My church is in need of healing. I am bringing My Church in a period of healing in preparation for the Coming of My Heart. My Sacred Heart will reign for all souls.
GREGORY: Lord, I love all souls. I love all of your children, and in that love I can feel their hearts, and their needs. I pray that the seeds that You so graciously grant me will fall on fertile souls of light so that grace may fulfill the desires of Your Heart and we may all grow in the beauty of Your healing love.
This vision of the Holy Spirit, this vision of healing through the storm gives me great hope for Your people.

July 16, 2003
JESUS: Yes, come to Me for I can soothe your soul with the peace of humility.
GREGORY: Jesus, to hear one word from Your heart is like a ray of light that penetrates the hardest rock, turning it into small pieces of clay that can then be molded into love. I am sorry for my sins and the sins of the whole world.
JESUS: Thank you for coming to me. Do not be afraid for your …, but love with all of your heart. Love overcomes all fear, for love is charity that brings the light of hope to a soul.
Yes, it is most important to love. Yes, love with all of your heart. Love with all of your soul. I am love therefore I bring a light that cannot be extinguished by the pride of darkness that hardens so many hearts. I desire to give you hope in being my humble servant of love. All that you must do is come to Me. Come to your sweet Jesus, Who loves you so and desires that you live in the fruits of My goodness.
Satan is going to try to do everything to prevent you from fulfilling your mission and I must remind you of this daily if necessary to acquaint your heart with his tactics for they can blind you and any soul so easily. He will use every mean to exhaust and discourage you. Pride is his first tool of disobedience, and then every virtue of humility can be destroyed.
You have been given everything in My love and I want you to sing and rejoice in this love of life, this love of the passions of My Heart.
GREGORY: O, Jesus, one word from Your heart is like a thousand words of hope that ignites a fire so deep within my soul as to make me remember, to always remember that only Your grace, I say only Your grace is sufficient to redeem the world. I pray for … and especially my …. I pray for all souls who sing of Your Holy Coming so that their hearts may be heard in this time of preparation and Our Father may continue to fill us with His mercy where we are weak and in need of sustenance to give us the hope. You are My living light and I need You to be the hope of my heart in this world of darkness so I may experience the joy of Your light daily.
Come O Savior; come into My heart that has been lonely without You. I have been in a desert that has been so dry without You. You are our waters of life when we are feeling abandoned because of the pride that hides us within a hole of bondage, not allowing our souls to receive and give witness to the light.
JESUS: I understand the pain, the suffering and the sacrifices that you have endured to love Me and I thank you for every one made to ascend beyond your human passions of pride to grow in the humility of grace like a little seed that becomes a strong and fruitful tree of hope. Do not let your heart be disturbed. I forgive every thought and act that is not of My way. I forgive all things for the glory of My Father Who is always waiting for you.

July 17, 2003
GREGORY: As the months, the days, the minutes pass, what do we truly see? Do they become an eternity of love within our hearts, even when we are separate yet united by death. How do we heal the pain of the loss of a loved one, when one feels abandoned by their faith and God seems He is nowhere to be found? Yet, He is always present.
My Heart, My hope is that Jesus will heal the pain of our parent’s hearts due to the death of their children. So they may see them within the arms of eternal life, within the arms of God.
I am sad for the loss of Robert. His parents grieve now for three years. His mother is unable to reconcile why she is unable to hold her dead child within her arms as his ashes were strewn into the sea by my hand this day, his birthday.
This is the way God wanted it and I ask what was I suppose to give them, to learn from their grief and their ability to make laughter with tears. Love is the only answer. A love given and a love lost. A love to remember of a life once lived.
I held his ashes within my hands and poured them into the sea like a baptism of the freedom of trusting in God’s mercy. Their tears for their baby, in offering him to His creator, were real and will never pass with time. They will always be a remembrance of how to love unconditionally during one’s greatest sorrow.
I must never forget that they entrusted me to fulfill this work through God. To pour his flesh into the sea of God’s compassionate mercy; for I said just prior to doing so three times, «O blood and water that pour forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fountain of mercy for us, I trust in You,» and then his remains went into the Heart of God’s love. There, his soul will rest eternally with great joy, with no more pain.
Lord, I pray for Robert’s parent, our old family friends of shared moments of love. May You console and heal them in Your mercy; for in their final offering of Robert to Your Heart, they feel alone and afraid, ready to die to see him once more. Fill them with Your Spirit of life that they may breathe with the joy of love in the memories of their son, a gift from You and a gift returned to You forever. Let love rain into their own sea of remembrance that they may witness in a greater way for You today. This was the joy of Robert’s life of struggles, tears, and illness, loving, even in his pain.
I did not know what I ways going to say for them, but You gave me the words in the vision of Your blood pouring upon his ashes. Thank You for helping them, and for consoling them. Thank You for everything, for every moment of our lives.
Yes, life is a gift of love. This was my lesson to learn once again, a lesson that I hope to seek to learn eternally. What more can there be. May I wait patiently within You and within Your Heart for all eternity that I may be as You desire, a messenger of love.
Thank You for calling me home to the sea where Robert now lies, and where the hope of my mission was reborn; for as I was led by the Holy Spirit to place the vase of his remains under the water, I had at that moment a vision of myself in the sea baptizing souls like John long ago, and I remembered. I remembered that which I can not say, but found a renewed hope in the Lord’s promise to call all souls to repent in the waters of God’s compassionate mercy and be cleansed with the word of our Savior, with the message of hope, repentance and conversion to the love of God.
The mystery of my faith was reborn. One that was nearly lost by the tests of many trials. Forgive my pride dear Lord, forgive the hardness of my heart.
JESUS: My dearest Gregory, I allowed you to witness yourself in your role as My precursor; for in the precursor, there must be found sincerity and humility, love and wisdom, the guidance of the Spirit to announce the day of the Coming of the Lord, My Coming into the hearts of all souls who desire to live eternally.
Yes, I wanted you to witness yourself in future times when every weakness will be overcome by death and the rebirth of grace within your soul: the white mantel that you were wearing, the calmness of the sea that you will live in, the length of your hair in strength. The hope of My love to console and the greatest trust in My mercy to give. You will touch the hands and hearts of My children with a love that will transform them. You will lead My people into the light of love for all eternity in announcing the good news of the new dawn of Love that is to come.
I am He Who is to come and your heart will rise in patience and in love to lead My children. Wait in silence as your heart has been led. Wait in the truth of My Spirit to anoint you daily. I will lead you to a greater hope. What you have seen many would like to witness. You must trust in My grace to lead you.
GREGORY: Jesus, I believe. I believe that nothing is impossible for God and that love will accomplish all things. I fear my weakness, but You are my strength to carry me through these dark nights of my soul. Only You can do so. Help me, lead me as you desire.
JESUS: I want to teach you to love in every way by My Hand. Hold Me dear child.
GREGORY: [I am having a vision of Jesus before me dressed in His white mantle. He presses His Heart to mine.]
GREGORY: Jesus, I need You. Help me to fulfill Your will in love; for Your will is love. Every thing that You do is loving and gentle. And now the same vision of me in the water is reoccurring. This is the path. I must stand in the waters of faith and compassion that mercy and love may reign within my heart for all souls.
I have never experienced anything like this for in those waters lies the truth of my calling, there I lie in waiting to grow daily in God’s love. There, I will stand united to others, united in truth and mercy for all soul in need of love to convert their hearts daily.

July 22, 2003
GREGORY: Lord, I desire to drink from Your blessing cup. I desire to live in the light and beauty of Your love. Sustain me in all things for the glory of Your children. I pray for those that are suffering and are in need of Your compassion. Take me to their hearts now that I may unite my own passions with theirs and we may see and live in the light together.
JESUS: Gregory, bring your heart to Me daily and place it within My Hands. I shall hold you. I shall console you and all souls that you offer to My Heart. Do not be afraid to face your crosses and the crosses of others. In this you shall grow beyond the human struggle to be uplifted into the light of redemption. Come and give to Me your heart, your entire heart. Come and sing within the garden of My Heart. Come and sing within the garden of My love.
Do you desire that I hold you?
GREGORY: Yes, Jesus, You are love, You are all consuming love. Hold me and consume me within Your Heart. I have been so afraid for …. I can feel their pain and this is difficult to bear. Only You, my Lord, can heal them. I pray for all souls who are suffering from the same illness. Please help her.
JESUS: Gregory, I will help her today and everyday. Now come and let Me hold you. Do not be afraid. Trust in My mercy in every weakness of your soul and you shall know the truth of love to fill you. Do not be afraid. I shall always tell you this. Satan is trying to confuse your thoughts. Have hope in everything that you do. Have hope in Me to assist you. Now let Me hold you.
GREGORY: Yes, Jesus.
GREGORY: [I am having the same vision as on many occasions. Jesus is standing before me in a white robe. His Heart is exposed and is made of a golden light.]
GREGORY: I shall always love You Jesus. I pray to place You above all things. Will You help me?
JESUS: Yes, Gregory.
GREGORY: I am now entering the arms of Jesus. Jesus is love. He is hope for all souls. This is the way of love, the path to sanctity. As Mother Theresa said, «we must love with an undying love towards God and others.» Every word that she wrote speaks of this sacrifice, and her life fulfilled it.
O Light of My life, please help me. Please take me within Your arms for the good of others.
JESUS: Gregory, it is now time to also give you My compassion. You must let Me fill you with My love daily. In Spirit, you are always thinking of others; now let Me care for you. Let Me care for the good of your soul. Let Me heal you. Let Me love you. I must take care of My servant if you are to do My work and My servant must let Me care for him. So many souls deny Me this mercy.
GREGORY: This mercy?
JESUS: Yes, it is mercy for Me to give and therefore you shall receive My mercy.
GREGORY: Jesus, I pray that You will bring a … and that You will help me to make good choices daily in order to fulfill your blessings.
JESUS: Meditate on My mercy.

July 23, 2003
JESUS: I love you. I love you. The graces of My Sacred Heart are being poured upon you daily. Yes, even in your struggles My graces are sufficient to carry you into a heart of hope. Do not despair, but allow Me to love you this very moment. Feel the beauty of My love fill your soul. Trust and believe in My mercy. Trust and believe in the glory of My Heart to fill you with peace.
I love you Gregory and the Heart of My Cross is always waiting to receive you. Lift up your heart to the glorious light of My presence that I may magnify within you, My love. Sing of the glories of My love daily. Do not fear. Do not worry. I want you to open your heart to Me.
GREGORY: Jesus, one moment within Your arms and I am filled with such peace that one cannot imagine. It is like soft dew that falls upon a heart and opens its hard petals to blossom for the glory of the light.
I have many red ginger plants in my yard and every day their petals sing for the glory of God. They sing for the glory of love each day in their bright red colors. They sing for the love of God in simply being what they were created to be. Why can I not find the strength to be as these, simple and obedient to blossoming in God’s will each day as fully as the grace of our Creator desires. I pray to be like these and all of creation, one with Our Father.
JESUS: Do you remember when you were a child at school. You would sit at your desk each day and I would instruct you through your teachers. During those moments, you would always look out the window and daydream in the sky. You would daydream of love and of My mercy. Gregory, do not be afraid. You feel the pain of others and the pain of your own flesh and in doing so you forget to abandon yourself to My mercy.
Trust in the goodness of My mercy each day. Trust in the glory of love to fill your heart. Be like a child again. I will help you. I will always love you. Take Me within your arms and never let Me go.
Later that same morning
JESUS: Yes, come to Me. Allow Me to pour the waters of My divine mercy upon you. come and take My Hand and I will lead you into My Heart. Yes, My Heart is always waiting to receive you and My love will always stand as your home in the night of your senses. Come, come.
GREGORY: Jesus, I am present and my heart sings for the beauty of Your love. I sing for all souls in need of Your compassion and mercy this day. May every word be heard within all souls throughout the world for the glory of Your kingdom is Coming. May I prepare those as You desire in Your love. May We sing of the beauty of love daily. May We sing for all souls in need; for the poor, the sick, the dying and the oppressed, for all of the little orphans, families in need of peace and forgiveness, and mostly for the unborn.
I want You to know that I love, and pray for an increase of faith daily to sustain my heart from the attacks of the evil one. Better yet, when he comes, I pray for the fortitude of faith to transform my heart through every temptation allowed by Our Father to prepare me, as You too were prepared in the desert.
Although the desert is dry, even roses of grace blossom in Your love that sustains us with faith. It is You Jesus, who fulfill all things. Thank You, my Lord, for all that You have done for your child, a child who desires to be nothing in the eyes of the world. I want only to love You more deeply each day that others may know the depths of Your love. I want to proclaim the good day of the Lord, for Your arms are open and welcoming take me, My Lord and open My Heart.
JESUS: Yes, come to Me, the glory of My love is always waiting to receive you. I love You. I love You. Kisses of life from Heaven for your soul. Sweet kisses from all souls in heaven who are praying for you. I will give you life. I will renew you daily in the beauty of My word to sustain your heart in all matters. Be not afraid of what is unknown to you, but dance in the joy of your heart to praise Me.
Even Moses was afraid, even Elijah had his own way, and you are no different. When the prophet speaks all souls will need to listen, but this will not be the case. When you speak, your heart will be open to give love, but like Me, those who are oppressed by darkness will most often deny it.
GREGORY: Thank you for giving me hope. I am so weak; I need Your loving compassion and encouragement daily to sustain me daily. I want only to love You. Grant me the mercies of Your Heart.
Jesus I feel…
JESUS: You have never spoken these words. I have been waiting to help you. Every storm shall pass and it is in the storms of every day life that one can find Me lying in the boat of love where there is peace. All that you must do is wake Me to help you.
Gregory, do not fear but seek My love. Open your heart to trusting in My mercy at those moments. Every heart becomes fearful, but I do not want you to live in such fear. When you come to Me. I will heal you.
GREGORY: Jesus, heal me.
JESUS: Offer Me the pride within your heart and I shall console you.

July 29, 2003
JESUS: I am the Light that will always remain with you. In your heart there has been much… but I have come to deliver and heal you for My purpose. Let your heart be free to love at this moment that I may carry you with the bosom of My Heart and deliver you from all strife.
The sorrow that has burdened your heart has been great and now I want you to live in peace. You have struggled against all temptations to love Me. Satan has fiercely been against you, but I am here. I am here to teach you that in all things there is love for the lover is always present.
Yes, let your heart sing of the glory of My love.
GREGORY: O Jesus, let the fires begin to consume Me for in them. We are one. We are one in the gift of Your Divine Love that sustains me. I have been offered the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven, of Light by Your own hand. It is You Who is King of the kingdom and I, Your servant say that in all things let Your will be done. The keys belong to Your Heart and the Kingdom of Love is within.
O take me, my Lord for only You can end the pain of these thorns that pierce my heart daily for the good of my soul and the souls of Your children. See what love has given me. See how love mixed with the blood of all sorrows is delivered by the Hands of the Potter.
JESUS: My love sings for every thorn is a glory, for in each thorn you have been delivered. I say come and let your heart live within Me this very moment. I want you to remain within My Heart for all eternity; for as you said, «It is there My Kingdom lives.»
Yes, come and sing to your Savior for all that He has given you. Sing of the glory of My love. I am waiting. Take My hand.
GREGORY: [I am having a vision of Jesus leading Me into a garden.]
JESUS: Gregory, have you forgotten in this past years trial that all things are made possible by Me. Yes, you are weak and a sinner. This is the same for all mankind, but I came to redeem and your soul stood the test of love that you could no longer stand, and therefore I relieved you of this crime against your heart. The crime was spiritual, not material, the crime was of someone who desired to help, yet possess you, and it is I Who posses all things. One should not try to possess another brother or sister. You were… for you no longer served their purpose, and for this I am sorry. You must seek never to do this to another soul out of your blindness. I did not lie to you. I have never lied to you nor could I. Therefore trust in Me once again as you did before. Trust in My love for your soul. Allow Me to heal this pain. If My words are strong it is because they need to be to awaken your soul to the truth, and the purpose that they served was only their own. You would have been a stepping-stone for their own platform of faith that I did not desire that you become.
The danger lied in living the mystery of your faith within this person’s heart instead of My Heart because this is where they truly wanted you to be, within them. I have forgiven them, as I forgive You, but this is My mission given to your heart and therefore it belongs to you in My Name for My children through out the world and no one should stand between Me and the desires of My Fathers.
Do not fear this person any longer for I have removed you from their midst and I love them, but they too, must learn a lesson of love and humility to serve Me more deeply.
My hand and no one else’s will fulfill Gregory, the walk of My love. Trust in Me solely to provide for you. You can do that. Rely completely on Me. I will assist you.
GREGORY: Jesus, I need Your help.
JESUS: The vision of the Garden is a vision of hope for your soul to remember all of the graces that I have given you, to remember life and to trust in Me. Remember the preciousness and the beauty, the glory of life. A gift to all souls on this earth given by Me. I am the one and only God, there shall be no other Gods before Me. I will tear down the idols of men’s hearts when they seek Me in faith to live a more humble life devoted to being My servant.

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