Message of September 20 2021

Message of September 20 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of September 20 2021

Message of September 20 2021-  Messages from our Mother Mary – SHOCKING

The message from our Lady continues as she now says,

“Come and take my hand”. Our Lady is now present before me. She is holding my hand and is now taking me to an unknown place, an unknown city. Unknown in that it has yet to be revealed.

I can see a multitude of buildings below me. A multitude of towers ranging from six to ten-fifteen feet in height. I now understand that our Lady has brought me to a city in the Middle East.

It is Jerusalem!. She wants me to see what I am now witnessing. There are kids playing within the streets between the buildings.

And I feel a present danger. I am having a vision of bombs exploding and I am sad.

Then, a rose appears as the sky clears. It appears to have blossomed from within the heart of the city, the heart of the land, the eternal rose of God’s love, of God’s graces, given To the chosen people who have suffered so throughout the generations, for they’re still God’s chosen people.

Our Lady remains silent and She simply nods her head to say yes.

She desires to protect so many from the hands of darkness but through death shall come Eternal Life and Eternal Grace.

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