Message of September 19 2021

Message of September 19 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of September 19 2021

Message of September 19 2021- Messages from our mother Mary

Our Lady now says: my dear child, come, come to me in the eternal light of my love.

I am always with you, and I shall never abandon you. And the eternal glory is my Son who always forgives and always loves and is merciful to his children.

He is the light of this world, the eternal light of heaven and earth.

Yes, my dear child, come within the arms of your Mother this night and let us rest now together in the hope and mercy of all that is good.

Yes, my child, of all that is good. Did I not say that I would help you? I am here and I am present. Continue to strive and the glory of my love will continue to strive in hope of my Son’s mercy.

Be not afraid, be not afraid, for I am with you. My Son is light and goodness and peace. Yes, seek the peace of Jesus this night. You can now feel the Spirit descending upon you.

The Holy Dove, the Spirit of Life consume me with love in giving birth to Life and Love. Yes, yes, in giving birth to the Life and Love I sent.

Now take my hand and let us fly in spirit and in the eternal light together. I’m your Mother and I’m always with you.

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