Message of September 18 2021

Message of September 18 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of September 18 2021

Message of September 18 2021 – Message of our Mother Mary 

My dearest child, I, your Mother, I love you and I am always with you.

Greg: Mary is now appearing before me, her eyes so blue and pure like an ocean of love without pupils so I as her Child, may see more clearly within my heart, to receive her Heart each day with  Mother’s love.

I love you Mother, I love you.

She now continues to say: “My dear child, come and take my hand and let us flight in the Light of Love together, come and walk with me in the glory of hope, by allowing me to instruct you daily, as to what you should do to fulfill God’s Will. Yes, allow my Son to inspire you in the hope of his mercy and in the joy of his love.

Yes, come my dear child and allow Me to inspire you with great joy.

Mary now extends her hand to me, bearing the wound of her Son’s crucifixion and she asks me to press my hand within hers so that I may the receive the glory and power of the stigmata of the Blood of Light, the power of all life and of the glory of Love.

Yes, my dear child the glory of all love. I desire to console you in my Son’s mercy this day, to renew your hope and to renew your strength that you may persevere with the power of the Cross within your hands and in love for your brothers and sisters.

I love you and I shall always be with you.

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