Message of September 18 2020

Message of September 18 2020

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of September 18 2020

Message of September 18 2020 – My dear, dear child.

When you feel weak and most afraid, do not retreat from Life, do not retreat from my love, but just the opposite, seek Me.

Seek me in prayer, seek me and come right into my arms that I may fill you through the power of my Spirit with courage and a greater strength. This shall always sustain you.

Satan desires that all of my children hide themselves in fear and despair and hopelessness, that they retreat from the glory of the miracle of life each day and become ill through a lack of hope, lack of love and deny my love and love for their brothers and sisters.

Yes, always seek me, in every circumstance of life, seek me in the eternal glory of the night of love for your heart and in the peace of my mercy.

Be bold and courageous, pray for strength and courage each day and I shall lead you in the goodness of my mercy and the goodness of the life of the Spirit instilled within you.

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