Message of September 1 2022

Message of September 1 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of September 1 2022

Message of September 1 2022- Message of our Lord Jesus

Then appeared the infant Jesus with arms open to receive God’s children

Jesus says, “My dearest child, come to me and allow me to guide you in my mercy.”

I’m now having a reoccurring vision that I had during holy Mass yesterday in which our Lord opened his heart on the Cross, his Sacred Heart of love and mercy, exposed, for the redemption and the forgiveness of the sins of humanity.

 There then appeared the infant Jesus as he’s appearing now, joyful, with his arms open to receive God’s children.

 ‘Oh, holy infant of love, pour your mercy upon me and upon the whole world, to strengthen your children, to fortify your children and to bring us light. Holy infant Jesus, may you live within our hearts and may we know your love always.’

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