Message of September 1 2021

Message of September 1 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of September 1 2021

Message of September 1 2021 – Message from God our Father

My dear child, I was laid to death on my Cross.

I spoke to the hearts of Humanity, of all Humanity, past present and future. I spoke to their hearts for redemption, for transformation and peace.

I spoke to their hearts for love, my dear child. Yes, love, love and  forgiveness, of my mercy that heals and redeems. Yes! I cried out and my Blood was spilled for all of humanity, for all my children, for those who would reject Me and for those who would receive Me.

I love you, my dear child and desire to take you within the Eternal Heart of my Cross.

That peace and joy and the eternal spring of hope may dwell within you to give others hope, to give others peace. Yes, my dear child, I am with you and fear not for I shall carry you through this with love, patience, and understanding, and you shall rise to see greater glories, greater hopes, and my mercy and Truth.

Yes, I am with you, and I shall never abandon you. Continue to follow your path of love and I will show you the Way. 

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