Message of October 3 2020

Message of October 3 2020

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of October 3 2020

Message of October 3 2020 – Yes, my dear child. May the gif to  the eternal hope of my love always renew your heart and bring you great joy.

Allow me to consume you in the beauty of this night with my love, allow these moments of pure grace when we are united, so closely as one heart, the Heart of Our Father, who has called you to announce a new and better way, a new day of love, a new day of hope for His children.

Satan will do everything possible to distract you but what is most important is that you stay focused on Me and the peace of your Savior.

Yes, the holy peace of your Savior and may the eternal light of my love always lead you into my arms to give you peace, to fulfill this mission of love and calling souls to repent before it is too late.

Yes, call them, call them my love, call them. Not that they may fear but that they may turn their hearts to Me with love.

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