Message of October 18 2021

Message of October 18 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of October 18 2021

Message of October 18 2021 – Message form our Lord Jesus

My dear child, so many souls are perishing for in their pride, they reject Me, they reject Love itself.

I’m calling all souls to live in a state of deeper love, of peace and of mercy towards one and other.

Come and take my hand and we shall sing of love, for love is eternal path of life.

Above all things, my child, love shall remain, for We are love

We, the triune God of heaven and earth, are love for our children and I am asking all souls to turn their hearts to Love, to being in love with their God

I love you and I am always with you, and this is how you shall sing of this journey, you shall sing of love, you shall be my messenger of love for all souls in need of my mercy, who desire Me, for as your voice speaks, they shall speak of love.

This shall be revelations of love for all mankind.

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