Message of November 14 2020

Message of November 14 2020

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Message of November 14 2020

Message of November 14 2020 – Message of our Lady of Guadalupe

Gregory: Dear Mother Guadalupe, thank you for calling me, thank you for coming to me.

Our Lady of Guadalupe: I thank you my child, for returning to me, for returning to my arms of love.

Gregory: Yes, Mother, I love you.

Our Lady of Guadalupe now says:  My dear child, it is through the eternal light of living within the beauty and the grace of my son’s arms that I am calling you to peace each day, the peace of my son’s mercy, the peace of his hope and of his forgiveness to redeem.

I am calling the whole world to peace, there is so much suffering in the world today and I, your mother, love you and I desire to share with my children throughout the world in the name of my son Jesus, that I desire that you live in peace through the conversion of faith and of the hope of trusting in him and in the purity of the truth of his holy mercy that shall guide each one of you each day within his arms to a deeper faith, hope and love, these are the greatest gifts my dear children, they are the gifts of God’s love for your heart.

My dear children, be not afraid and do not offend God, for his mercy is greater than any sin, to forgive; but you must not take for granted God’s mercy and his love for your heart.

Each day I am calling each one of you, as your Mother, as your Lady of Guadalupe, to live within the arms of my Son’s mercy and his hope for all of humanity. I love you, I love you and it is through the power of my son’s Holy Cross that you shall find strength and being redeemed and being forgiven of your sins, that you may live in hope, the hope of salvation and the retention of your hearts daily.

Trust in God my dear children, trust in him always and be not afraid.

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Message of November 14 2020Message of November 14 2020