Message of May 7 2023

Message of May 7 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 7 2023

Message of May 7 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Call upon the gifts of the Holy Spirit

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, I once said that he who believes in me and believes in the love of the Father will do greater things than I.

For I love you and I am the way, the truth and the life, and I want you to follow my path in the love and the power of the light to believe in the hope of miracles that you may fulfill through my hands, and by my hands, the hand of my Father. For I can do nothing apart from him, I love him.

And we are one to give and to renew life through the power of the Holy Spirit. Call upon the gifts of the Holy Spirit by first receiving the Spirit within your heart each day and asking the Spirit to guide you.”

‘Yes, my Lord. I ask, Holy Spirit, that you guide me in the love of Jesus. My Lord, take me. I will go where you lead me and may joy reign within my heart eternally through you for the love of others and for peace.’

By doing so, they reject the love of our Father

 Jesus says, “My dear child, I am the way, the truth and the life.

He who comes to me also comes to my Father, for I am in my Father and he is in me. We are united as one. All things fulfilled through me, my Son, are fulfilled through the eternal love of my Father, who has life, who created life, so that mankind may live to glorify him.

But so few desire to live the path of my mercy in calling them to repent. So few desire to seek my love and by doing so, they reject the love of our Father.

My dear child, let everything that you do, do for the love of our Father to honor and to glorify him, through me, in living the example of my love that I have taught you, the example that I desire for all of humanity to live by. My heart cries for my children who reject the love of my Father.

Let your heart always be at peace in coming to me, in seeking my love to fulfill you.

Yes, my dear child, seek my love with all of your heart. And allow me to give you life and to renew your life each day by loving me. I desire nothing more from you than to love me and to receive my heart, in these words, for the hearts of my children.

Yes, my dear child, let your heart sing of my love this day. Peace. Pray for peace. I love you and I am always with you.”

Peace through saying the rosary

 Our dear Jesus says, “Yes, my dear child, my heart, it cries for peace in our world today that has forgotten God. But I shall continue to call souls to my mercy and to repent, to prepare their hearts to receive me and to prepare their hearts for my second coming.

Yes, my dear child, my second coming of love and of hope. And I thank those who have listened to my call. I thank those who have loved me. Peace, walk the path of the light and you shall walk the path of peace.

Continue to say the rosary each day and let the prayers flood your heart with light and a greater love for me, and your brothers and sisters. Peace through prayer and peace through saying the rosary.

I love you and I am always with you.”

You and me, and I and you

 ‘My Lord, help me to be strong, for my strength can only come from you. You and me, and I and you, through your mercy to receive me.

 Yes, my Lord, I ask for greater strength and courage to fulfill your will, and to fulfill this path of love.’

 Our Lord says, “Come now, my son, come to me and I will show you the way. I shall lead you in the glory of my love and of my peace.”

Go and give others the gift of my life

 Our Lord and Savior says, “My dear child, I am always with you and your heart has been burdened by the events of this past week. But know that I love you and I honor your cries for those whom you love. I hear your voice within my heart.

Yes, my dear child, I hear your cries for my children. Rejoice, rejoice in the wonderment and love of the eternal graces of the joy of my resurrection.

Yes, meditate upon the mystery and the hope of my resurrection that conquered all death and darkness to give life. For I am the way, the truth and the life, my son.

Yes, rejoice, let me uplift your heart in joy this day and cast your burdens upon me, those that you have suffered for others, united to my suffering heart on the Cross.

Yes, rejoice. Can you not feel the Spirit of my love entering your soul? Now, may the stars that blossom in the night be a sign of life and of hope for your soul, for all humanity.

Go, my dear child. Go and give others the gift of my life.”

Seek all that is good and pure and true

 Jesus says, “My dear child, the power of my Spirit is the power of life to conquer all death and darkness, to conquer all sin through my victory on the Cross. Rejoice, rejoice of the power of the light of my Spirit within you.

Yes, rejoice in the love that I desire to flood your soul. I know that I do not speak to you in a normal way. But your life, as the Angel Gabriel once told you, will never be normal, my son. Seek only to follow me. Seek all that is good and pure and true.

I shall speak to you as long as it takes to lift your soul from the burdens of the sadness that you have felt for those whom you love. Yes, let me take it all from you.”

‘Yes, my Jesus, I give it all to you. You bring me such joy, my Lord. You bring me such hope. You have given me days of endless hope and I pray only to be obedient to your path, to your way, to your life that you sacrificed for me.

 My Lord, listen to my heart and give strength to the soul that I have been praying for. Renew their heart in your mercy and in your hope.

 Yes, I thank you and may the moon that shines so fully this night take my heart in the power of all creation, united to you through the power of the Holy Spirit in your love. Take me as your desire, inspire me, strengthen me, renew me with your courage and let me walk forward in the peace of only loving you, for I desire only to love you, my Lord. I have desired this throughout my life with every weakness, with every sin, with every grace that you have given me that redeems and takes me within your arms of mercy.’

The light of my mercy: to redeem, forgive, strengthen

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, the light of my mercy is the light of my hope to conquer all sin and sadness and sorrow within souls. It is to redeem them, to forgive them, to give them strength.

My son, you have been given everything, but you see yourself as nothing. You are my child, a child of grace and of the light. Let me fill you with the strength of my heart, knowing that our hearts are united and that you can do all things through me if you desire. You shall heal the sick and the brokenhearted. You shall inflame their hearts with love and take them to my Cross.

You shall sing of a new way of a new day in my mercy.”

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