Message of May 5 2021

Message of May 5 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 5 2021

Message of May 5 2021 – Vision and Message from Our Lord Jesus

Yes, dear girl, yes, come and let us sing together of love, come, let us sing of the hope of my mercy.

The hope of everything good.

Yes, my daughter, sing the hope of your brothers and sisters who are in need, who live in despair and fear of the enemy who wants to control all humanity and put it in a state of servitude, especially in these times of the pandemic where in the storm, they can’t see or feel me, but I’m present here.

I love you, I love you and I ask you to leave the ship towards Light and Hope for my children. Listen to my Heart and let’s sing together, come and take my hand and let me consume you in the Eternal Glories that is love.

Gregory: Now I have a vision of an open field of faith where the grass begins to grow and spreads almost a foot high, green, vibrant, beautiful and everything is good, everything bright and everything beautiful. New hope, new beginnings and a new day in the beauty and joy of God’s mercy.

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