Message of May 29 2021

Message of May 29 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 29 2021

Message of May 29 2021 – Vision of Jesus and our Lady of Guadalupe

I´m in Colombia, in my bedroom where I’m staying, there’s a small image of Our Lady of Guadalupe before me and the image begins to radiate various colors of light, colors of God’s love.

Within the rays I can see  the garden of Eden, the garden of God’s love for all humanity, for our first parents; both first man and woman were created to do well.

Oh my Lord, grant me the strengthen in your mercy.

Our Lady from the image smiles and says: “My dear child, I am with you and I know your heart and I desire that you love only Jesus, eternally.

I am calling you to the foot of his Cross this day to receive his mercy and to receive the hope of his presence.

Yes, my dear child come to me for I am your Lady of love, I am your Lady of hope and of mercy.

Yes, come to me and I shall lead you within the arms of my Son Jesus each day, as your Mother who is now with you, as I have told you many times to take the hand of Jesus.

Yes, yes my Lord. Message of May 29 2021

Jesus is now extending his hand to me, it is gentle and wide in grace, showing the wound of his crucifixion.

¡Oh Jesus! Forgive our sins and save us from the fires of hell, lead all souls to heaven specially those most in need of your mercy.

Come now, come now my child, -says Jesus- for I am with you.

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