Message of May 28 2023

Message of May 28 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 28 2023

Message of May 28 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus  – Pentecost

It is not over, my son, it is just beginning

 Our Lady says, “My dear child, the mercy of my son’s love, the mercy of my hope is with you.”


 She continues, “Yes, I am with you, my son. Thank you for opening your heart to me.”

‘I love you, mother, hold me within your arms this night, within your mantle of peace.’

Mary now appears with the bouquet of flowers. It is late night, but she’s illuminated from within with the light of heaven, the flowers pink, white and blue, symbolizing joy, purity and mercy, the joy of the purity of God’s mercy within our souls.

 Our Lady now says, “My dear child, these are for you. It is time now to go. We are preparing the path, and we shall help you organize all that you need for your journey. We shall take care for those whom you love, and we desire that you rejoice in your heart for you shall not be alone.”

‘Yes, mother, you and Jesus will be with me.’

“My dear child, and those who love you, to receive you.

Rejoice and give thanks to God for all that he has given you. And truly receive these flowers of love within your heart. You must not only hear us, my son, you must receive us deep within.

My son, may the mercy of the power of my son’s Cross lead you, and Blessed Carlo will be with you. He shall go before you in the name of my son.

Yes, rejoice, for we will be sending you throughout the world and let us give to you our hearts, so that you may carry them with you. And then you can return to those whom you love. Continue your path of glory for it is not over, my son, it is just beginning.”

‘Mother, Jesus, I trust in you. Take me within your arms and hold me within your hearts of mercy, and lead me in the peace of your love, so that I may be an instrument of peace for others.’

“Yes, my dear child, rest now and we will be with you, we will be looking over you.”

‘I believe, Mother, I have hope and I love God. I love you, Mother. Thank you for coming to me this night.’

Let your heart be free this day in the power of my Holy Spirit

 Dear Jesus now says, “My dear child, come to me. Allow the glory of my mercy to fill your soul this day, to bring and renew your hope through loving me, your eternal Savior of the Cross, who is always waiting to receive you in abandonment to my will.

Yes, my son, when your heart is ever so closely united to my heart, there is no question as to what my will is. Only the desire to follow me, to follow me in my glory and in my love for you, for I shall always protect you and fulfill all of your needs. Let your heart be free this day in the power of my Holy Spirit that shall guide you and renew your strength and your joy.

I love you, my dear child, I love you. Come and take my hand and let us sing of the joy, the glory of my love this day. Let us sing of my great mercy and I shall show you the way.

Yes, see all things beautiful in me. See me in the beauty of the water before you and the sunlit clear, hazy sky, the green pines and palms, your sister calling you at this moment in love to sit with her. Let all things be for my glory. Let every moment be a moment of thanks of gratitude to God for all that he has given you.

I love you, my child, and I desire only that which is best for you. Let your heart sing a new song this day through the power of prayer and in my mercy.”

Open my heart to your heart

 ‘My Lord, my God, open my heart. Open my heart to your heart and receive all that is within me, that you may purify me with the eternal light of your joys and truths, the Holy Fruits and gifts of your Spirit.

 Take me as you desire, my Lord and my God. Hear my prayer that I may rejoice this day in you, seeking you in the holy mercy of your love.

 Yes, fill my heart with the eternal waters of your mercy that fall from heaven upon earth to anoint the hearts of your children. Baptize me in your love this day and may I give wholly and fully to those whom you bring to my heart. May you guide me with great strength and courage to stand and to receive all that is good from within you, and may I be obedient to hearing and to fulfilling your will.

 And I thank you for this great country that I live in. May you continue to bless it, and guide our leaders with the strength of truth, the wisdom of your Spirit and of your light.

 I thank you for all that you have given me throughout my life and all that I shall receive this day. Anoint me through the power of your Spirit, pour your graces and blessings upon me and lead me in the hope of your holy mercy.’

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