Message of May 24 2023

Message of May 24 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 24 2023

Message of May 24 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

You must be like Mary at my feet

 ‘My dear Lord, hold me within your arms of mercy as I only desire to be with you and need the wisdom of your understanding at this moment to guide me, to strengthen me and to grant me the courage of hope each day to walk this path.’

“My dear child,” as Jesus begins to speak, a star of golden light appears in the sky. It is large, like the sun, but it is not the sun. It is a star of great hope for humanity.

‘Oh, my dear Lord, guide me in rejoicing in you in all things. Fill me with your Spirit, of this star of hope and faith.’

 Jesus says, “Yes, my dear child, it burns brilliantly for all souls who desire to return to my arms of love each day seeking me as their Lord and Savior of the Holy Cross. It is good that you have come to me, that I may raise you up this morning and give you the strength to trust in me in all things, releasing all to my heart and to walk your path with hope.

My dear child, do all things in the beauty of my love. Do all things with joy and trust in me. You must be like Mary at my feet so that I may fulfill the work for you by offering all things to my heart.”

‘Yes, my dear Lord, I offer to you all of my heart, my thoughts, my needs, the resolutions to my work this day, all to the Holy Cross of your love. And I now pray for my country in front of the flags that fly before me on the seashore that we may be united, that we may stand in faith, that you may guide our leaders and that we may know that you are God above all things, and in God we trust.’

Offer all things to my heart in prayer

 As I was lying to sleep, I had a vision of a bouquet of flowers springing from the silence of prayer. Springing from nothingness by the hand of God’s grace to place within my heart. One is pink- symbolizing joy, the other is white- purity and the last is blue- symbolizing God’s mercy. O holy light of mercy in the Cross, anoint my heart at this moment and guide me in the grace of your love in all things.

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, I am with you, rest now. Take these roses of grace and place them within your heart. Be at peace and rest in my love, offering all things to my heart in prayer.”

Come, join me in this flight of love

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, yes, let your heart be at peace and trust in me. Be still and I shall defend you in all of my ways. Give your heart fully, honestly and truly to those whom I give to you.

Let your heart sing a new song by being who I have called you to be. You have no need to hide. No one will hurt you for I shall defend you. I shall take care of you and I shall provide for all of your needs.

Tell them, tell them that I speak to you. Tell them that you see me, tell them that I am always with you as I am with them, and tell them not to be afraid.

You do not have to hide your relationship with me or my Father. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, as well as the presence of my mother in your life, I shall open the doors for you to fly.

Come to me and join me in this flight of love.”

Power and strength in the truth by living in the light

 Jesus says, “My dear child, there is hope and honesty in doing what is good and right to serve your Lord and to serve others, to serve your brothers and sisters, and to treat them the way, my son, that you would want to be treated.

Yes, there is dignity and honesty in living my word. There is strength in what is true. There is a light that fills you, that fills one when they seek to do all things by my name and for my glory. My son, always be kind and true to your brothers and sisters. Always be kind in love to serve others, and be still to seek me when you feel as though you are being led far away or distracted from me.

There is only one path for your heart and for all of humanity, and it is the path of the light. It is the path of love, my child.

Yes, seek me with all your heart and do not rely on your own understanding. Seek me with all of your love and my heart shall guide you.”

‘Lord, I pray to always be honest and true through loving you, and to love others.’

“My dear child, open your heart to me now, for this is a message for all of humanity, that there is power and strength in the truth by living in the light. Let your heart be at peace and trust in me.”

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