Message of May 20 2023

Message of May 20 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 20 2023

Message of May 20 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

It was a test yesterday, not of God, my Father, but of the enemy

 As I grabbed the rosary to take it within my hand to pray with great hope, the beads became illuminated with light. ‘In the illumination of God’s love through prayer and saying the rosary, I take these beads of light now within my hands to renew faith and hope and peace within me, and to pray for peace throughout the world. O holy and eternal light of the Spirit, descend upon me. Fill me, heart, mind, body and soul, and deliver me from all fear to fill me with Your hope and your great love, to stand with strong legs of faith in the foundation of hope.’

 Jesus says, as I was preparing to say, ‘Come O living Savior,’ he says, “My child, come to me do not allow the enemy to discourage you, but continue in the strength and hope of my love. Be not afraid or discouraged, but turn your heart to me and may my words of living light fill your soul.”

‘Yes, my Lord, yes. Come and take me within your arms, within your arms of living light. Come and take me as you desire. Renew my heart and mind. And I cast you out Satan in the name of Jesus Christ, begone. As you stand before me, you have no power over me. Begone in the name of Jesus. Begone you and all of your demons and I cast you back into hell where you belong. You shall not defeat me because God is love.

 My Lord, pour your goodness and love upon me. Once again in the prayer of Jabez, Lord, that thou shall pour thy graces and blessings upon me, expand my territory, keep your hand upon me and protect me from evil that I may not cause others harm. Take me all, Lord, my life, my light and salvation, and lead me in your mercy.

 Be gone Satan, in the name of Jesus.’

Our Lord says, “My son, I desire that you come to me always in your greatest time of need and receive my living words of light, to console and to give you strength. It was a test yesterday, not of God, my Father, but of the enemy. And I have come to bring light to your soul, to deliver you to be your joy and your strength, my son. Yes, to be your joy and your strength.

I love you and thank you for coming to me for abandoning yourself to my Holy Cross for victory and for love.”

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