Message of May 2 2023

Message of May 2 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 2 2023

Message of May 2 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Your life cannot be defined by others

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, may my eternal voice of love, as your Good Shepherd and the Good Shepherd of all of my children whom I am calling, ring truly within your heart.”

 ‘Yes, my Lord, without you I can do nothing, but with you all things are possible.’

Jesus continues, “Come and receive the joy of the glory of my love this day, my child. Come and receive me in the heart of my mercy for your soul, and do not allow the circumstances from yesterday discourage your path for they will need you now more than ever in the strength of my love to help them, to guide them, to support and love them, my son. Hear my heart and have hope.

Yes, have hope, for in having hope you shall have me in all things. Your life cannot be defined by others or my call influenced by the difficult circumstances of others.

Yes, the enemy comes to steal my sheep, but I am always waiting, as your Good Shepherd to love you, and your brothers and sisters, to feed my children with the blood of the lamb.

Listen to my heart and rejoice in my leading you.”

Rejoice in your Good Shepherd of love

 Jesus says, “My dear child, my heart is glad that you have come to me. For my sheep, they hear my voice and they know and they follow me.

Yes, they follow me in the glory of my love and I am always with them. I shall never separate my heart from the hearts of my children.

Yes, I am calling all of my children to follow me into the light, to follow me in the holy glory of my love, and through the power of my death and resurrection to redeem them, to give them life. For I understand their needs, and I, your Good Shepherd, shall never abandon you in my mercy, to only love, to console and to understand you.

You do not have to be afraid with me. All that you must do is come and receive the joy of the eternal glory of my voice within your souls, calling each one of you.

Yes, my dear child, come and follow me this day, for the enemy desires to discourage and distract so many of my sheep. But I am the way and I desire that you rise each day in following my way.”

I am now having a vision of golden rays of light descending from heaven and within the rays of light Jesus appears in his eternal glory, as the Good Shepherd of love for his children. The ray is descending upon me and upon the whole world.

‘O my dear Lord, hear my cries for your children. Hear my cries of hope to believe and to stand in the joy and the strength of the faith. O my Good Shepherd of love, may my heart be guided by your golden staff, golden in the joy and purity of our Father’s will.’

 Our Lord says, “My son, I am always with you. Open your hands and let me lead you from within your heart.

Yes, let me lead you by your heart, for love begins in the heart and I desire that you be led by love in all things.

Yes, I have blessed you so that you may be a gift and a blessing to others. Humble yourself before me and follow my path of joy and of the truth, seeking truth each day.

Yes, give your heart to me in love, for it is the only way. Rejoice, rejoice in your Good Shepherd of love.”

It is the greatest preparation for the day

 Jesus says, “My dear child, I thank you for loving me and for coming to me in the early hours of the night when I desire to fill you with the heart of my love and to prepare you for the day.

Yes, my dear child, let me consume you in my love through prayer, in receiving me with an open heart and to receive the gift of my love. It is the greatest preparation for the day.

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