Message of May 12 2023

Message of May 12 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 12 2023

Message of May 12 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus and mother Mary

 It was difficult for me, my son

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, do not be concerned as to how you shall spread the messages, for I shall guide you in my loving mercy.

And my heart shall rejoice when you receive me, for in that moment we are united through the power in the hope of my Spirit for humanity for my children who are most in need. And through prayer, you can touch the lives of many through my heart united with your heart, through my heart beating within you, like a pulse that sounds throughout the world within the hearts of my children in need.

All that you must do is receive me and be not afraid. Be not afraid, for I am with you. I know this path is difficult. It was difficult for me, my son. But I have come to console you and shall console you in my mercy to give love to you and to the hearts of all of those, my child, who desire to seek me through faith in worship, through faith in prayer and in the practice of my love.

Yes, be still, and my mercy shall consume you.”

If it does not change, humanity will destroy itself

 Jesus says, “Yes, my dear child, the world is in need of love. If it does not change, humanity will destroy itself with hatred. The peace that I am calling my children to is eternal through the hope of my love.

My heart cries for this war and for an end to this war, that there may be peace. And peace only comes through loving God and my Spirit of life for the redemption of all humanity.

My dear child, let me consume you in my love at this moment. Let me take you to new heights of love beyond your human nature, through the power of my Spirit and in the power of my Spirit. It fulfills all things. I am with you. All that you must do is continue to take my hand and let me lead you.

Yes, I am with you in my love and my mercy for all of mankind. Rejoice in my love, my child, and let me take you where I desire. Pray, pray for peace throughout the world and pray for an end to this war which does not produce life, but destroys it.”

My church is suffering and my heart breaks

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am having a vision of Jesus. He is hanging from the cross, suffering with his head bound down to heaven, lying lifelessly with blood pouring from his heart. He is our Savior of the Holy Cross.

‘O eternal love, what do you desire? Why do you appear now in such a way?’

Our redeemer says, “My dear child, I have come to bring life to my people, the life and hope of the Holy Spirit in these eternal days of Pentecost when I desire that my church unite and not be divided.

It hurts me to witness the divisions in my church when souls can be united in my love through following my example, if they only followed my example of truth according to the scripture, they would know where their hearts should stand and that is only in love and forgiveness and the eternal truth of my word that can guide them in all circumstances, according to the power of the Holy Spirit.

My child, my church is suffering and my heart breaks. Pray for the unity of the body of my Holy Church. And pray that love fulfills all things in the recognition of the new covenant between man and God, which is love.”

Let your heart be filled with perpetual prayer

 I am having a vision of Our Lady. She is levitating in the night sky with her right hand raised to heaven and a blue sapphire stone, so large, suspended within her palm as she prays with open hand. Her figure, pure white as snow, is magnificent in the night.

 She is levitating above the earth and blood begins to pour from the palm of her hand that bears the wound of her son’s crucifixion, pouring his blood upon the earth for peace and the hope of all humanity to love God.

 And she now says, “My dear child, rejoice, rejoice in God, your Savior. Let your heart be filled with perpetual prayer to receive me and to open your heart to the love of my son each day.

Yes, be still in his mercy. I desire peace. I desire only love for them. My heart cries for peace, for God is hope in all things. And the victory of my son of life over all darkness shall always win in love.

Love can never be extinguished because it is eternal and God is only love for his children.”

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