Message of May 1 2023

Message of May 1 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of May 1 2023

Message of May 1 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

I am most pleased you will say all the mysteries of the rosary

 Jesus says, “Yes, my dear child, come to me and rejoice. The enemy does not desire that we speak or that your heart be open to me in the love that I desire to give you.

Rejoice in giving thanks to God our Father. For all that he has done for you, in the extended mercy that he continues to pour upon the whole world through my bleeding heart for the redemption of souls.

Yes, my dear child, come to me and rejoice in the hope of the mercy of my love to consume you.

And I am most pleased that you dedicated your heart yesterday to saying all of the mysteries of the rosary. Continue to do so in meditating upon the joy, the sorrow and the glorious mysteries of my love for humanity.

Peace, pray for peace. I am always waiting to offer my children my peace.”

There are so many souls lost who do not know the way

 During Holy Mass yesterday, Jesus appeared from his Cross as our resurrected Lord without his wounds, yet, bleeding profusely.

 And at that moment he said, “Come to me, my heart bleeds for poor sinners in need of the joy of the hope of my mercy.

Yes, my dear child, there are so many souls who are lost and they do not know their way. I desire to only give love, and I am waiting compassionately for my children as my heart continues to bleed for them.

Thank you for coming to me this day and rejoice, rejoice in all that I am doing for you.

I love you and I am always with you.”

Be diligent in prayer and in action

 Jesus says, “My dear child, yes, open your hands and arms to receiving my love in the glory of this night.”

I am now having a vision of the stars shining brilliantly, pulsating with light,

 Our Lord continues, “My dear child, this is the hope that I desire to give you. This is the love that I want for all of my children, to give them the holy heart of my love that redeems and uplifts them into the joy and peace of my resurrection by having trusted in me to be their Savior of hope.

Yes, my dear child offer your heart as a sacrifice for those souls who are in need of me.”

‘Yes, my Lord, I ask for mercy, and I thank you for all that you have done for me.’

 He says, “Lift up your heart to my love. Be diligent in prayer and in action to fulfill my will. Pray for strength and courage each day, keeping your heart in me, not for the glory of the world, but for the glory of my love and of me your Savior.”

Let love be your only light

 I am now having the vision of Jesus. He is standing before me dressed in white as our Good Shepherd of love. He is extending his hand for me to take it and when I do so, the stigmata of his crucifixion appears within his palm and rays of white light shine forth from the wound.

 Jesus says, “Yes, thank you for coming to me as I extend my hand to your heart, that I may consume you in the hope of my love and in the joy of trusting in your Savior.”

‘Yes, Jesus, I come to you out of love and trust and asking forgiveness, to receive your mercy each day and to keep my heart pure in the joy of being so closely united to you.’

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, there are no words to express my eternal gratitude for what you did for that person, who I know that you desire remain unnamed, and having given so much of your time.”

‘It is I who should thank you because it was not I but you, my Lord.’

“You must not put your light under a bushel.

Let love be your only light and others will come to you in love. Let your heart proclaim the joy of my mercy each day and others will turn to my mercy to produce peace, joy and great hope in their lives through my love. Be a light and a hope of my heart for them.”

The mercy of my son flows like an eternal river

 Jesus asks, “My dear child, do you desire to speak with my mother?”

‘Yes, my Lord.’

I am now having the vision of Mary, who is appearing dressed in white with a blue mantle. She is walking towards me holding a bouquet of various colored carnations, a simple humble flower, which are pink and white and blue; symbolizing, first pink, the joy of God’s mercy, then white, the purity of God’s mercy that cleanses our souls, and blue, the waters of God’s mercy that flow through us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

 ‘O Holy Spirit come within my heart this day. Mother, I have needed you so.’

 Our Lady says, “My dear child, I have been with you and I have not forgotten your little heart.”

‘Thank you, mother, for the moment you began to speak to me, I only felt great peace, so much so that I nearly drifted to sleep.’

 She continues, “My son, I rejoice in the peace that I can give you because it comes from God.

Yes, my son, open your heart to my son Jesus and let him guide you. There is nothing that you should be preoccupied for. Yet go in my name and in the name of my son Jesus, to proclaim hope to souls.

Yes, my dear child, the hope that Jesus desires to give them. Peace, be at peace for the mercy of my son flows like an eternal river, and I have brought these flowers to your heart to say thank you for loving me.”

‘Mother, I love you.

“Rest now, my son. Rest in the glory of the heart of Jesus.”

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