Message of March 7 2023

Message of March 7 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 7 2023

Message of March 7 2023-  Messages of Our Lady

If the world does not change it will be too late for so many

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I am now having the vision of Our Lady. She is holding a cross made of gold. It appears to be made of the branches of a tree and is approximately eight feet (2.5 m) in height, slim, yet strong and does not bend. She is standing upon a small mount in which the soil is fertile and brownish red, without shoes. She is Our Lady of Natural Grace and of the Victory of the Cross.

 Our Lady now says, bearing the wounds of her son’s crucifixion, “My dear child, I have come to call you and all of your brothers and sisters, to a purity of heart in living according to the words and truth of my son Jesus. The world today is living in great darkness and I have called each one of you to live in the joy of the light.

Come now, my child and let me take you within the glory of my son’s Sacred Heart, where you shall always be protected from the temptations of sin and walk in the glorious light and truth of my son’s Cross.

This I desire for all of my children. Yet so few respond to my call of a deeper conversion and peace.

Yes, my dear child, let your heart live in the eternal joy and truth of my son’s peace.

This is my message for my children today, if the world does not change it will be too late for so many. Rise and live in the goodness of the love of Jesus. For love, my dear child, fulfills all things and without love, who is God, nothing is possible.

Come and sing of my son’s eternal glory, sing of his hope. And yes, I desire that you be present to fulfill this work this day in the love of Jesus and in the beauty and grace of his Holy Cross.”

The love of Jesus is everything

Our Lady says, “My dear child, the love of Jesus is everything. It is he who gave himself, as the eternal sacrifice for eternal life.

Yes, my dear child, I am your mother and my words shall never misguide you. They shall always lead you to eternal peace.

Yes, my dear child, the spiritual wounds of my son’s crucifixion that you bear within your hands, shall never be forgotten in the life that he has given you to fulfill according to his will and his glory, for the sanctification of souls.

Give your heart to me, give your heart to your mother each day.”

I am now having a vision of the Immaculate Heart of Our Lady. It is burning like a fire in the divine love of Jesus. The flames, transparent, so that I can see Our Lady’s heart, and it is full of his goodness.”

‘Yes, mother, yes. I shall not leave him. But I shall walk to the glory of the Cross each day.’

Take my hand, to lead you in the Garden of Eden

Our Lady says, “My dear child, the glory of the light is the glory of my son’s Cross that had victory over all darkness.

Come now and let me take your hand to lead you in the eternal garden, the Garden of Eden, that once was and always shall be in the restoration of grace upon the second coming of my son Jesus, when all souls who have chosen to fulfill his will, shall live, restored forevermore in the glory of his grace for all eternity.

Come now, my child and let us walk in the garden together, for I, your mother, the new Eve, born without the stain of original sin, through my Immaculate Conception, shall lead you each day to be purified within the arms and heart of Jesus, within the arms and heart of his mercy. Come now.”

Our Lady leads me into the garden, O my, where I can see Eve, before the fall and the beauty of her grace. Now we must live, fallen from grace, to be restored by grace in the power and the light and the love of Jesus.

 ‘Mother . . .’

She responds, “Yes, my child, come and take my hand and I shall lead you in purity and love within the Sacred Heart of Jesus.”

That you may see such purity to transform you

The Queen of Heaven says, “My dear child, give your heart to Jesus and you shall always give your heart to the glory of love.

Yes, rejoice, rejoice in all that God has done for you.”

‘Mother, I ask forgiveness for my sins and the sins of the whole world.’

Mary says, “My son, while you bear these wounds of my son’s crucifixion, take my hand each day so that you may see within my heart and within his heart, all that is pure and good, so that you may see such purity that your heart may be filled with light and the power of the light, to transform you by grace.

This is the path of the Cross, the path of hope, my child, and the path of my son’s love. This shall never be forgotten.

I love you and I am always with you.”

The path of light is the path of Jesus

Our Lady says, “My dear son, the path of light, of the light of this world, is the path of Jesus.

It is the path of love. Walk gently, walk humbly, being conscious of his love through the Holy Spirit.

Yes, walk in the glory of the love of Jesus this day.”

I am your mother of good heart and good cheer

Our Lady says, “My dear son, I am your mother of good heart and of good cheer, to bring joy. Every mother wants their child to be happy. Live within the joy of my heart and I shall lead you.

Thank you for coming to me this day. Thank you for loving me and for loving my son, Jesus. Now, rest and prepare yourself for what is to come.”

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