Message of March 6 2023

Message of March 6 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 6 2023

Message of March 6 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

 They live their lives as if they were existing in a dark box

‘Lord, I thank you for calling me, for the eternal gift of your love that increases my spirit and calls me to give thanks and rejoice in life, for there are so many souls who are suffering and are in need of the hope and joy of your mercy. My Lord, be my strength, my wisdom and the light of my life to guide me in all things.’

Our dear Jesus says, “My dear child, rest now. Rest within my heart and be not afraid, but place your trust in me for all things and I shall guide you. I shall help you within my loving hands of mercy.

Come now, come, my dear child, and offer to me your hand that we may stand in the peace of my love this day together, and forever. Come now, putting all things aside and placing all of your trust in me, asking of me to help you.

For there are so many souls in need, yet they do not rely on me, their Savior, they do not open their hearts to my love, and all that I desire to give them. They live their lives as if they were existing in a dark box of bondages and hopelessness, despair beyond despair, when their lives can be so full in me as their Savior to redeem them, to give them hope and to renew their peace.

O my dear child, yes rest now, rest giving thanks to me for all things. Satan has been attempting to oppress you, but I want to bring you into the joy of the light in those moments when he attempts to shroud you in darkness.

Yes, I use the word ‘attempts” because when one turns to me, the cunning plans of the evil one are destroyed and all bondages broken.

Come now, come to me as you came with an open heart of love to receive me. Come within my arms now, that I may lead you to not focus on so many things. Have I not provided you with all of your needs and shall continue to do so?

Yes, come to me and let me free you in the joy and in the hope of my mercy. Rest now. I love you and I shall never abandon you. Turn your heart to love, by turning your heart to me.

We have spoken of many things. But the most important fact is to love. Love with all of your heart, mind, body and soul, to love me and to love your brothers and sisters.”

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