Message of March 31 2023

Message of March 31 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 31 2023

Message of March 31 2023 –  Messages of Our Lady

Live at the foot of the Cross, convert, before it is too late

Our Lady says, “My dear child, I, your mother of love of the Holy Cross, am with you, and I thank you that you have come to me to offer your heart and prayer that I may take your hand and lead you ever so close to me in the great mercy and hope of my son’s Cross.

Yes, I am calling all of humanity to live at the foot of the Cross to convert and offer their lives to Jesus before it is too late, that each day can be filled with glorious graces and blessings of the light of God’s love from heaven.

Yes, my dear child, come to me and I shall show you the path of love.

Pray, my dear child, pray for your brothers and sisters who are in need.”

My children have forgotten how to believe

Our Lady says, “Yes, my dear child, the world is in need of hope. The world does not know God and my children have forgotten how to believe.

Yes, my dear child, pray, pray for the hearts and souls of your brothers and sisters to receive Jesus and to live in peace. Pray for the eternal conversion of their hearts.

Yes, there are so many in need and they are suffering without God. They are suffering without the love and mercy, the kindness and compassion of my son, who desires to be their friend and their Savior.

Yes, my dear child, listen to my heart and receive every word with joy. I love you and all of my children, and I am calling them back to the foot of the Cross to receive the merciful heart of my son.”

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