Message of March 27 2023

Message of March 27 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 27 2023

Message of March 27 2023 –  Messages of Our Lady

Join me at the foot of the Cross, repent and turn your hearts to the love of my son

Our Lady says, “My dear child, in the merciful name of my son Jesus and by the power of his passion, death and resurrection, I am calling all of my children to turn their hearts to God, to repent in asking forgiveness for their sins at the foot of the Cross.

My dear child, there are so many souls suffering in the world today and I desire to unite your heart to their hearts.”

‘Yes, mother, I desire to do so in prayer, in asking you to pray for the conversion of souls that they may repent and receive God’s mercy, his glorious love, to turn their hearts’ away from sin and darkness, and to live in the hope and the joy of the light.’

 Mary says, “I am asking during these days of Lent for my children to turn their hearts to Jesus in a greater way, seeking his compassion and mercy and asking Jesus to help them, to help them with all of their needs in every way.”

‘Mother, I ask forgiveness for my sins and I ask Jesus to help me with all of my needs, with the needs of the mission, of the desires of his heart to fulfill this heavenly work as well as my earthly work.

 Saint Joseph said that he was able to accomplish this in his call and mission to raise Jesus, as well as work to support his Holy Family, to support you and Jesus. I want to do good. I want to love. Our Father knows what I need, and that is most important to love Jesus.’

Our mother says, “Yes, my son, rejoice, rejoice in all that God has done for you and may his mercy be poured upon you this day.

My son, I am waiting for all of my children to take my hand to join me at the foot of the Cross, that they may repent and turn their hearts to the love of my son.”

I am calling all souls out of the darkness

Our Lady says, “My dear child, for the redemption and power of the light, I am calling all souls out of the darkness.

Yes, and I shall never cease in my call for my children to love Jesus. I shall always desire to take their hands and lead them to the foot of the Cross for their salvation and for their peace.

And be not afraid, my dear child, for God is with you, and he shall carry you within his heart and within his arms to paradise each day, through his love and being united to his love.

Do all things with the humility of love, my child, and you shall live as I am calling all of my children, in the joy and in the hope of the light.”

Listen to my heart

Our Mother says, “My dear child, come to me and rejoice. Rejoice first in your relationship with me, not in the work that you are fulfilling, but in loving me, and then so, the work shall be fulfilled.

What is most important, my son, is your relationship with me. What is most important is the love that I have for you and the love that you have for me. Faith is not built on works, as you know, my son, it is built on the foundation of love. If you do nothing else with the life that I have given you, what is most important is that you love me.

Yes, my son, those words may seem to be extreme for many things you shall do, but what is most important is that you do them through me. You have worked hard and you have sought me with all of your heart through every strength that I have given you and in every weakness that I am perfecting.

I want you to rest now and allow my love each and every day to fulfill your heart.

Listen to my heart, my son.

Yes, for this work shall be fulfilled through faith and love for me and only me. You see that, as I have once said, love fulfills all things and everyone that I sent to you will have their role in this work of love. All that you must do is receive them with your heart and I shall care for them.”

Offer souls these messages of love

Our Lady says, “Yes, my dear child, rejoice in the eternal love of my son. Rejoice in giving thanks to God for all that he has given you and in the blessings that you have received this day. Rejoice in the light that fills you.

Rejoice in all good things, giving praise to God for the mercy and love that he has shown you and your family, for the divine providence of his will that sustains you, and through the power of the Holy Spirit that guides you.

My dear child, walk in humility and you shall walk in the glory of my son’s love each day to fulfill his will, and you shall see with new eyes of mercy, with new eyes of hope each day that shall take you to new heights never before seen within a human heart, for the love and the gift that God has given you, to speak with the Holy Trinity and to offer souls these messages of love that shall renew their strength.”

Rejoice in loving, first and foremost, Jesus

Our mother says, “My dear child, come to me, come to my love. I am your mother and now that you have risen this day, I desire to carry you within my Immaculate Heart, to bring you peace and the joy of knowing that I am always present.”

Thank you, dear mother, for the peace and joy that you always bring to me, for the love that you fill and inspire me from within your heart.’

 She continues, “My dear son, I am always with you. Come and take my hand and let me lead you this day in the name of my son’s mercy to the foot of the Cross, that you may be redeemed by the holy name and sacrifice of Jesus, to renew hope, to renew strength and the great joy that I desire to give you.”

‘Yes, my dear mother.’

I am now having the vision of Our Lady and she is offering to me her hand. She is wearing a ring with a large rectangular aquamarine stone, which she has said symbolizes the mercy of Jesus. The stone is clear and brilliant, and my face now appears within the stone.

 She says, “My dear son, I desire to pour upon you my son’s mercy each day, as well as I desire the same for all of my children.

Yes, so few open their heart to me.

Rejoice this day, rejoice in the glory of loving me and of loving, first and foremost, Jesus, of seeking the Kingdom of God first in all things. We are with you and you are not alone.

Go forth as we desire, and bring light and hope into the hearts of your family and those whom you shall meet today, as well as in your work and the great desire you now have to fulfill a new work as the Holy Spirit is leading you.

I love you and I am always with you. Rejoice in the eternal love of my son.”

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