Message of March 26 2023

Message of March 26 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 26 2023

Message of March 26 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

 I shall take you into the glory of the light

Our Lord says, “Yes, my dear child, rejoice.”

‘My Lord, I rejoice in you. Heal me, take me to new heights in your love this day. Take me to new heights in your mercy.’

Jesus continues, “Yes, my dear child, as you open your heart to receive me, to receive my love, I shall take you into the glory of the light and you shall be consumed by eternal love, divine and pure love. My son, rest now.”

Jesus is now appearing and he asked me to enter his arms so that I may rest my head upon his shoulder of love and mercy.

They are blinded by self-righteousness

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 I am now having a vision. It is of Jesus on the Cross. He is hanging lifelessly with his head bowed down in humility. The sky behind the cross is luminous white, and blood begins to pour from the body of our Lord. He now asked me to raise my hand, my right hand, and there appears the wound of his crucifixion.

 Jesus now says, “My dear child, I offer to your heart the eternal light of the wound of my crucifixion, to unite yourself ever so closely to my sufferings on the Cross and that I may give to you my divine love this day to fill your heart with mercy and with hope.

Yes, my dear child, be at peace, for there are so many souls in the world who are suffering, and they are in need of me, but yet they continue to deny me. I cry from the heart of my Cross for all souls, for all of my children in need of love.

Yes, my dear child, go and give them my love.”

‘Yes, my Lord. Jesus, I am sorry that you are suffering so for my sins and the sins of the world.’

 Our crucified Lord continues, “My son, I suffer even for those souls who think they are righteous in my name, and yet in their pride and egos they are blinded. They are blinded by self-righteousness, and they think themselves not to be sinners and they do not confess their hearts to me.

I am calling all of my children to repent and to confess their hearts to my heart, to ask forgiveness for their sins. I am always waiting in the mercy of my Holy Cross that redeems and renews life through my passionate death and resurrection.

I love you and I, your Lord, am always with you.”

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