Message of March 24 2023

Message of March 24 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 24 2023

Message of March 24 2023 –  Messages of Our Lady

Give your heart to the peace of Jesus

Our Lady says, “My dear child, my dear child, come to me, come to your mother this day and allow me to hold you within my heart of love and to guide you in this strength of my son’s mercy through the power of the Holy Spirit in receiving the Holy Eucharist within your heart.

Come now, my child and may peace always reign within your heart, rejoicing in all that is good that God has done for you.

Yes, receive the whole of the Eucharist within your heart as you receive Jesus within your heart each day, when you open your heart to him in prayer and of his presence before you, when he comes to you, when he desires to embrace you, to take your hand and lead you.

Yes, rejoice, rejoice in the hope of all that is good, and may the mercy of the light of your Savior renew your peace with love. Give your heart to the peace of Jesus, give your heart to his love this day.”

I am now having a vision of the Holy Eucharist. Within the Eucharist there appears a Cross made of wood. It is the Cross of the crucifixion. The day is brilliant and a white lamb is resting, at the foot of the Cross. And Mary, Our Lady, appears next to the lamb, symbolizing the humility of the faith that we should all fulfill through the power and the redemption of the Cross and our salvation, the pure white Lamb of God, Jesus himself, who offered himself as the eternal and living sacrifice of love, and Our Lady, who led him by the hand, according to our Father’s will, in preparing him for his mission, in guiding him through the purity of her grace and the strength of her sorrow to the Cross.

 Then in the vision a large cross made of gold appears on the outer borders of the Eucharist. It is approximately 8 feet in height, 6 feet in width, a large simple Cross. It is the Cross of the resurrection and our life in him who sacrificed himself, who bore our sins for the redemption of the world.

 ‘I love you, my Lord, and thank you mother for coming to me this night.’

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