Message of March 23 2023

Message of March 23 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 23 2023

Message of March 23 2023 –  Messages of Our Lady

Mankind continues to desecrate

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 I am now having the vision of Our Lady. She is Our Lady of the Light dressed in white and slightly illuminated from within. Her Immaculate Heart is exposed and she now has her hands extended towards me, saying,

“My dear child, I come to you bearing fruits of love for your heart on this day of your birth, to bring the light of my son Jesus, that your heart may be filled with God’s merciful love and compassion, and that you may continue to grow in the joy and hope of his blessings, and the joy and the hope of his love for all humanity.

Yes, let us take you to such new heights of love that your heart may be given only to prayer, daily, living in a state of prayer and of hope at the foot of the Cross.

Yes, let us take you into the glory of the light, and of the love, of heaven. We shall see from earth the beauty of heaven, and we shall take you from heaven on earth to see the beauty of all that is good and that God our Father created it.

Yet mankind continues to desecrate.

O my dear child, allow the Holy Spirit of life to live within you each day and to prosper you according to the word of God our Father and of the Holy Trinity that sustains and gives you peace beyond all understanding.

Come, my dear child, let me embrace you on this special day of love in the miracle of life and of your life, the life that you have been given, called to fulfill, for God’s glory. Rise in the glory of love.”

I stand before the world to protect my children

Mother says, “My dear child, the only way to fulfill life is through the glory of love, through the glory of hope, in the gift of the faith that God our Father has given to all of his children.

Pray for my children throughout the world to receive the gifts of faith, hope and love that they may grow to live eternally in the light of God’s salvation.

Peace, I am calling my children to peace and I, your mother, stand before the world to protect the world and to protect my children in the name of Jesus who gave his life as an eternal sacrifice of love for the redemption and forgiveness of their sins.”

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