Message of March 20 2023

Message of March 20 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 20 2023

Message of March 20 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady

Rays of light begin to emanate from the heart of the Dove

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

 I am now having a vision of Our Lady. She is holding the eternal dove of the Holy Spirit. She is present at this moment without words. As she stands statues quely with the world appearing behind her, rays of light begin to emanate from the heart of the Dove. They are white with hues of yellow, and she now says,

“My dear child, it is good that you have come to me that I may open your heart to the power of the Holy Spirit, to receive God’s wisdom and light, to receive the eternal joy of his hope.

Yes, my dear child, the hope of God to continue to fulfill this work of love for others. I love you and I desire that the world live in peace. I am calling all of my children to live in peace.”

I am now seeing rays of light descending from heaven, they are of the eternal hope of God’s love. May hope always shine within our hearts, for without, it we have not faith.

 She now finishes the message by saying, “I am with you and I shall never abandon you. Give your heart to the joy of the love of Jesus. Amen.”

Man was created to be man and woman created to be woman

 ‘Lord, I can feel your presence in and all around me. It is as if love is surrounding me, covering me and renewing me. O my Lord, I ask forgiveness for my sins and the sins of the whole world. May your mercy flow like a river of cleansing waters within me.’

 Jesus says, “My son, I am now present, through the love of my mother, who is with you.”

Mary now appears. She is smiling and says, “My dear child, may the light of the eternal love of my son, may the light of his Cross fill your heart with strength.

I am calling the world to live in peace. Mankind has transgressed against the Holy Cross of God. And now my children are attempting to recreate themselves in what God has created and ordained holy.

O my child, my children are lost. There is such great confusion in their souls. For man was created to be man and woman created to be woman. And now, Satan has confused the human race to such an extent that they know not the truth of God and who they were created to be.

I, your mother, love you. Stand firm and clear in what God our Father, the son, my son, and my eternal spouse, the Holy Spirit, have taught you. Because man cannot recreate man and man cannot destroy life. Only the truth of the knowledge and wisdom of God can save mankind.

This is what will happen if man does not turn their hearts to God. As my son Jesus said, on the day of judgment there will be wailing and grinding of teeth by those who chose to live in denying God. My heart stands in mercy for my children, that my children are lost from the mercy of God. My heart cries for those who are lost and live in a state of despair.

Pray for peace and joy throughout the world. Pray for the conversion of sinners and of souls in need of God’s mercy.”

For when one worries about tomorrow, they cannot fulfill this day

Our Lady says, “My dear child, great is the man who believes even when he cannot see. Great is the man who follows when he does not know where he is going. Great is the man who follows in faith.”


 She continues, “My son, my life on earth was a following of faith. I had to make the choice each day to follow blindly. Always pray for the humility to rejoice in where God desires to lead you each day. Rejoice in life. Rejoice in giving love to others. Rejoice in knowing and trusting that God is with you and he is with all of my children.

Yes, my son, rejoice. And the scripture speaks of our journey to Egypt. One cannot imagine and one should contemplate the concerns that Joseph and I had in traveling to a distant land and leaving our homes, our families and leaving those we loved.

The call of God is great upon one’s soul. But it is fulfilled by an even greater light. Walk humbly, my son, wait patiently and rejoice. The enemy wants to steal your peace and joy, and the peace and joy of all of my children. I am guarding you safely each day in my love.”

Yes, mother, it must have been very difficult.’

 Mother says, “O my son, I only endured by the humility of receiving God’s grace within me. For although I am the Immaculate Conception, born by grace without the state of original sin, I still had to rely and trust in the mercy of God’s graces each day to sustain me. Which is why I have now calling all souls to repent and to prepare your hearts to meet Jesus one day through the great gift of your salvation in entering heaven.

I am calling each one of you to repent, to save you according to my son’s sacrifice and to protect you from the fires of hell. I am calling all souls to repent, to receive the joy of being renewed each day in life.

In these days I will continue to speak of my life and how it was fulfilled by faith.

My son you must not worry about tomorrow but go forth today strongly in God’s love. For when one worries about tomorrow, they cannot fulfill this day, God’s day, with the great strength of love.

Satan uses fear to rob my children of their graces and blessings by not trusting in God. I call you each day as our Father has led you out to a greater trust, especially when you feel most vulnerable. It is then that my son is protecting you and perfecting you.

I love you, my son, and I am always with you. Take the great Cross of God’s love within your hand for the victory of salvation.”

Look not to the past and what you have left behind

Mother Mary says, “My dear child, the power of my son’s passion is the power and truth of the light that redeems.

Come, my dear child and live in the glory of the light. Live in the hope and in the love of Jesus.

I, your mother, am with you and I am calling you to a greater love. Be not afraid and not to look to the past and what you have left behind. The enemy desires to confuse your thoughts when he presents you with the temptation to do so.

Remember my son to seek first the Kingdom of God today and remember my son that our Father knows what you need. All that you must do is follow the path of the light of his will and, as always, you shall know, for he shall reveal.

This is what each soul must do, by trusting in God and his holy will to fulfill your lives. Walk humbly and contemplate the true meaning of faith by trusting in him. Rejoice in walking blindly.

And for those who believe, the dead shall rise, the blind will see and God’s mercy will triumph upon the second coming of my son Jesus.”

By repenting of one sins, the soul gives glory to God

Our Lady says, “My son, the world is in need of peace. It is in need of the great hope of your Savior. I am calling my children to peace, especially in these days of Lent.

And Jesus appearing to you from the Cross during Holy Mass yesterday, his body was covered with blood. This I witnessed for myself. I witnessed what he had to fulfill in his sacrifice for the sins and salvation of mankind. Receive the power of his blood within your heart. And as in the scripture, the blind man was healed by the hand, by the touch of Jesus whose mercy and compassion are so great, he could not deny the need of the blind man’s heart, for the power of God’s glory, to give glory to God, our Father.

This is the way Jesus lived and by repenting of one sins, the soul gives glory to God in humbly asking for and seeking the forgiveness of God’s mercy. This is the way of my son who is the truth and the light and is calling all souls to a deeper love.

I love you and I am always with you. Let your heart rise in the glory of my son’s love this day. Give your heart to Jesus on the Holy Cross for the victory of your faith in the light.”

Sanctity is a process of God’s love within the soul

Our Lady finishes by saying, “My son, rest now and begin to make your plans to return to Europe, first to the joy of Switzerland with those whom I have chosen to help you. And I thank them, I thank them for loving me. I thank them for the desire to fulfill this work and I thank that God has called them in his mercy to redeem them each day because sanctity is a process of God’s love within the soul.

Yes, first return to Switzerland. I shall guide you in the upcoming days as to when and from there, if it be the will of the soul who has invited you, to Italy.

Rejoice, my son, rejoice for God has given you so much. Let gratitude be your joy by focusing your heart on the blessings of God, and his love and mercy shall fulfill you.”

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