Message of March 2 2022

Message of March 2 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 2 2022

Message of March 2 2022 – . Message from our Lady Mary

My dear child, it is good that you have come to me on this day of mercy, for every day is a day of mercy.

I am calling you and all of your brothers and sisters to a greater peace, to a greater hope in the joy of my Son’s love and to turn all your hearts to Jesus each day and ask Him to forgive you of your sins, to anoint and cleanse you in his mercy and in love of the Cross, that redeems and gives hope to those who trust in God, who trust in Love.

Yes, my dear child, I am with you, and I love you and I desire for you and all of my children to always turn their hearts to Jesus and to offer yourselves as living sacrifices for hope, for peace and for the joy of the faith, the joy that one receives in faith.

Yes, my dear child, give your heart to your Mother, give your heart to Me always

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