Message of March 19 2021

Message of March 19 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of March 19 2021

Message of March 19 2021 – Message and vision from our Lord Jesus

Yes, my dear child I still suffer the Passion of my Cross for the forgiveness of sins and the sorrow of the whole world, for those souls who choose to live in darkness and not in the light.

I’m always with you and I love you, come now allow me to embrace you.

Jesus is now appearing before me with his arms extended to receive me and I enter the golden light of his love that emanates from his Body,

I can feel the warmth of his Presence.

As I was praying last night before going to bed, Jesus asked me to take his hand; I could see the wound of his crucifixion.

Jesus is always present and as He did so He said: “I love you infinitely, as the stars shine in the night”.

My lord, I pray that you will make my heart so pure that nothing can never separate me from your love, the love of God.

Jesus finishes the vision by saying: “My dear child, always live within my arms, in the peace of my hope, that you may be an instrument of peace and hope for others.

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