Message of June 9 2023

Message of June 9 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of June 9 2023Message of June 9 2023

Message of June 9 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Listen to my heart beating within your heart

 ‘My dear Lord, I love you.’

 Our Lord says, “Yes, my dear child, open your hands to me in prayer. But most importantly, open your heart.

Yes, listen to my heart beating within your heart. Listen to every word of my voice to console and to give you strength to guide you in my mercy for the enemy has been attacking you this night.”

Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, it is as the Lord says. And I would also like to share what Jesus also said prior to coming to my mission here in Rome and then elsewhere, that I would be happy and it is through my obedience of coming that his joy is fulfilled in my heart.

 When the enemy comes to distract our thoughts and to separate our hearts from the heart of God we must listen to the voice of the Holy Spirit, through prayer, speaking to us. And in the most difficult moments, when we are in the storm, seek the obedience of following the light who is before us, the light who is Jesus and is life.

 Yes, my dear brothers and sisters, open your hearts to the eternal love of God and of his presence within you.

 ‘My Lord, he attempts to attack me in every way.’

 Jesus replies, “My son stay focused on me, on loving and on serving me, and in serving your brothers and sisters to be a friend to them, as I am to you and I also desire to be for their hearts.

Remember that I have called you to this mission of love, to give love, not to focus on receiving, but on giving, not to focus on being understood or on being loved, but to understand and to love in all circumstances. Your heart is mine, my child, and my heart is filled with mercy for your soul.

It is good that you walked away from the homeless person that you met earlier; for as he sat there seeking mercy, he was not man, but he was Satan. Satan appears in many forms, and you must be aware and attentive to his presence. Not only in the attacks that are evident but in the subtle way that he works.

So, listen to my heart and rest now. Rest in the joy of this mission. Rest in the joy of being with me, of seeking only to love me, not to be of this world, my son, but to be of living in the Spirit of life. You have been given everything, so rejoice and yes, I said that you would be happy. And are you not?”

‘Yes, my Lord.’

“Did I not guide you in receiving me in the Holy Eucharist today?”

‘Yes, my Lord.’

Jesus continues, “I shall help you with all of your arrangements tomorrow that you may attend Holy Mass midday to embrace and to love me in the joy of my presence in the Eucharist.”

‘O my Lord.’

“Yes, my son, all that you must do is run to me. As my little St. Therese said, ‘Why would I want to duel with Satan when I could run to Jesus?’ Those were her words, inspired by my Spirit of clarity and truth within her heart of faith and sole devotion to me. For when one has sole devotion to me, my son, their focus is to love me only and to love others. It is good that you will be going to Assisi to be with her.

Yes, I say ‘her,’ so that we may maintain the privilege of the soul’s will and the great confidence in love that she has placed within your heart, as well as trust. It is good that you are going, and not only to serve her but to receive first from me, so that you may give.

So yes, you will have the privilege of the pilgrimage to Assisi to unite with Francis and Blessed Carlo. But you will also have the privilege of uniting with this soul’s heart to give her my love, my wisdom, and the joy of my guidance. Be still now and listen for this mission is also for you, and then you may give to her by receiving me.

Remember, be a friend to all my son, Be a friend to all and in my loving mercy, I shall guide you. By staying focused on me, this past day, you avoided the trap of Satan. So do all things with love but first with obedience to my will. Then you will discern through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit within you, that choice that you must fulfill, knowing and trusting that I am the Word made flesh, and I am the Spirit, the Savior, of all life. We are one, my child.”

‘Yes, my Lord, I thank you. Take me in your love as you desire and in the joy of your mercy, free me with great joy. I will go, Lord, where you lead me by entrusting my heart to you.’

 ‘Hail Holy Queen,’ as Our Lady is now appearing before me, dressed as the Queen of Heaven, with a crown of stars upon her head, standing upon a half-moon. ‘Hail, Holy Queen, Mother, mercy, our life, our sweetness and our hope. To thee do we cry poor, banished children of Eve, to thee do we send up our sighs, mourning and weeping in this valley of tears. Turn O most gracious advocate they eyes of mercy towards us and after this, our exile, show unto us the blessed fruit of thy womb, Jesus. O Clement, O loving, O sweet Virgin Mary, pray for us, O Holy Mother of God, that we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.’

‘The person who is now appearing before me, of my dear friend who is in need, I offer her to you, that you may unite us once again, and that I may be an inspiration and hope for her heart.’

Our Lady now says, “My dear child, yes, through the love of my son Jesus, be a friend to all. Be a friend of his mercy and of his truth and let your heart be filled with his light. O my little love, come to me now and let me, your mother, embrace you. Let me protect you in my mantle of peace and pray, pray, pray for peace within your heart and for all souls throughout the world.

Thank you for coming to us, to me and my son, and for loving us. Thank you for the joy and the glory that you give us by opening your heart to us. I am your mother, queen of heaven and earth, and I shall reign in the name of my Son Jesus, for his glory for all eternity as the mother of the Savior and of the God made man, the Word made flesh, for his eternal sacrifice of love for the redemption of my children.

Listen to my heart for as I speak, I am calling you to a greater mission of love for the redemption of souls throughout the world. My son revealed to you your mission many years ago, in calling all souls to repent. Let your voice be for his glory and let nothing else be more important than to receive and to share his words that shall have a greater and more profound impact in the years to come.

Yes, listen to my heart and my voice of love for you. I, your mother, am with you. Do not look to the past of what was, but what is now. Rest now in our love. We love you and we shall never abandon you.”

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