Message of June 27 2021

Message of June 27 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of June 27 2021

Message of June 27 2021 – Message of our Mother Mary

Our Mother Mary: My dear child, may the eternal light of My Son’s heart fill your heart with peace this day.

The peace of knowing and trusting always in Jesus. The peace of following his path of love to sustain you and to be your mercy.

Yes, my dear child, allow the light of the love of Jesus to fill your soul, trusting in Him always, trusting in his mercy and compassion.

Yes, my dear child, I am with you and you should see a new light and a new way.

Gregory: Mother, my heart is open to receive His light and His way.

Mother take me as you desire and lead me by your hand. Lead me in your mercy, in the mercy of your Son Jesus. Yes, take me as you desire and I will go where you lead me in the eternal mercy and love of your heart, for the love of your people.

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