Message of June 19 2023

Message of June 19 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of June 19 2023

Message of June 19 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Seek me in the silence of prayer

 My dear Lord, I thank you for the beauty of this day, for the sweetness of the scent of the roses in the air and the joy of being in the rose gardens of the palace in Vienna which has been like a second home to me for so many years, to be here in the beauty of nature with you, in the sunlight and the wind falling through the trees. I can feel your presence in and all around me. And I know that you are love.

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, it is good that you have come to me this day. It is good that you are seeking my mercy daily, that I may guide you throughout all of the days of your life in my love that my love may fulfill you in all things, my child.

Yes, I desire that you attend Holy Mass to receive me in Holy Communion, in the Holy Communion of my love that shall make you whole and heal you by receiving your divine Lord and Savior.

Yes, come to me in all things.”

‘My dear Lord, how do we live this message?’

 Jesus replies, “My dear child, it is through seeking me in the silence of prayer, of entering my heart wherever you are, wherever you may be, to live within the joy of my Sacred Heart, to be united ever so close to me, and allowing me to share my heart with your heart. And our hearts, united as one.

I desire for all of my children to seek a silent place of prayer within their hearts each day, a place that may fill them with joy or a place that may fill them with peace, or even a place filled with conflict or sorrow for I am present everywhere in all things, to receive you and to receive my children.

I love you, and I am always with you.”

I desire to bear the wounds of my crucifixion to you

 Jesus says, “My dear child.”

‘My Lord, I can see and feel you in the wind. It moves the thick leaf branches of the trees above me as I lie here in the grass with great joy to be consumed by your love.’

 I am now having a vision of Jesus. He is levitating above the trees here in the garden. Yes, he is wearing a red robe made of wool with a blue sash, and his Sacred Heart is exposed with his hand extended towards me, bearing the wounds of his crucifixion. He is both our crucified Christ and our resurrected Christ, one in love for the merciful forgiveness of our sins.

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, open your heart to me in love this day. Open your heart to the eternal mercy of my light and let me lead you as I so desire. Let me lead you in peace.

Yes, my dear child, come and I shall take you to new heights of love in the eternal peace of my mercy this day. Come, my dear child, and let me sing a new song of love to your heart.”

‘My Lord, why are you appearing in such a way?’

 He replies, “Because I desire to bear the wounds of my crucifixion to you, that you may give testimony, give witness of my mercy to my children for the forgiveness of their sins in calling them to repent.

Yes, my dear child, come now and let me hold you in the true joy of my mercy that shall take you to new heights of love this day as I am also appearing to you as your resurrected Christ of love for the redemption of the world, and to have great joy and peace within your heart, the joy and the hope of my resurrection.

You live this by experiencing and receiving the joy of my Holy Spirit each day in calling upon my Spirit to anoint you.”

‘Yes, Holy Spirit, anoint me with the joy and peace of our Lord. I love you. I love you, my Lord.’

  Jesus answers, “My child, I am always with you.”

My mercy is alive for all souls

 Our Savior speaks, “My dear child, may the joy of the light of my Spirit fill your soul this day, to grant you the peace and the hope of my mercy.

My mercy is alive for all souls who desire to receive me. All that one must do is to open their heart and ask for my mercy and for the strength of a greater love.”

‘Lord, I ask you now for your mercy and the strength of a greater love within my heart.’

 Jesus replies, “I love you. I love you and I am always with you.”

‘May the eternal fields of the light of your Cross fill my soul to lead me on a path of peace each day that I may walk upon these fields of love within your heart. And how do we do so, by walking to seek you and to love you more so each day, as well as to love our brothers and sisters?’

Our Lord, “Yes, my dear child, come and receive me that you may walk upon the holy waters of life by living according to my will to be cleansed by the holy waters of my mercy each day.”

‘I love you, my Lord. Take me as you desire. May your heart guide me in the truth of your glory.’

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