Message of June 14 2022

Message of June 14 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of June 14 2022

Message of June 14 2022- Message of St. Veronica

Greg: St. Veronica hear my prayer of love from my soul, for the love of God and protect me from the attacks that the enemy puts before me.

St. Veronica:  My dear son in all things, seek the heart of Jesus to love and to unite your heart to him upon the Holy Cross, as He has called you. I love you and I have been with you since you were a child, now I come to assist and to walk with you in knowing that I, your Veronica, I’m present.

Greg: Please help me my great saint in this week and these days for the great battle that is taking place in this country to protect it, to intercede in the light for the people.

St. Veronica: Take my hand, Gregory and we shall walk these days together in love and you shall witness the joy of God’s glory. Be at peace, my son and rest now. Rest and when you arise, rejoice in all that God has done for you.

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