Message of June 13 2022

Message of June 13 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of June 13 2022

Message of June 13 2022 – Message of our Lord Jesus

Jesus: My dear child, it is good that you have come to Me for your heart is heavy; do not focus on the battle, focus on Me and I thank you for coming to Me.

Saint Veronica has led you to my Heart and she has heard your prayer to intercede and to assist you in my Name and for my glory, in all that she suffered throughout her life to bring you the wisdom and compassion of her heart for Me and of her love for you

Do you not remember, my child? When you were just a child, she was with you, I sent her in my love for you to prepare you for this day

Listen to her heart and may the peace of my Cross be with you

Gregory: Yes, my Lord, I suddenly remember but now I fully remember her presence. I thank you for sending me this saint of your glory, the glory of your Cross. Oh, Saint Veronica, hear my prayer to purify my heart in the joy of God’s glory each day.

Thank you for coming to me and being present in leading me to Jesus this night of love,  love and mercy and hope.

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