Message of June 10 2021

Message of June 10 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of June 10 2021

Message of June 10 2021 – Message and vision from our Lady of Guadalupe

Our lady of Guadalupe: My dear child. I, your Lady of Guadalupe, I’m always with you

Gregory: I am now having a vision of rays of light shining from within the heart of our Lady of Guadalupe, they are golden and true and as always I can see the garden of Eden within the rays, the eternal and glorious garden of God’s love.

The rays themselves penetrate my heart and soul to renew and strengthen me, to guide me in the eternal joy of God’s mercy. And our Lady now says: “My dearest child, may this eternal rays fill your heart with peace this day, the peace that shall guide you, the peace that shall always strengthen you in the name of my Son Jesus.

Its the new covenant between man and God, which is love.

My dear child love in all things and receive the glory of my Heart, my Immaculate Heart, pure golden and true for your heart.

Yes, receive Me in love and I shall always be with you.

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