Message of June 1 2023

Message of June 1 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of June 1 2023

Message of June 1 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

A vision of men entangled, battling in war

 Our Lord says, “My dear child.”

Yes, my Lord.’

 He says, “Come to me.”

 ‘I am present, my Lord.’

Jesus continues, “Open your heart to the eternal light of my Spirit and allow me to fill you with my living word.”

I am now having a vision of men entangled, battling in war. The sky is dark gray and the cloud. of darkness hover low.

 ‘My Lord, I pray for peace and conversions of peace to your heart.’

 Jesus now says, “My dear child, I have revealed to you this vision so that men may see what will take place if souls do not convert if mankind does not convert in turning their hearts to me, their God.

Yes, open your heart to the eternal light of my presence.”

‘Lord, you are the light that fills the sun, that renews the face of the earth. You are all things and in all things created, for nothing is impossible for you. I pray for an end to this war by your holy hand, by placing it so upon humanity.

 My Lord, have mercy on us, for we are weak and poor sinners, and we need a greater light, greater graces and blessings to sustain us.’

“My son, let your heart rest now, for I hear you and I receive you in my love. And my Father is extending the days of his mercy, so that more souls may repent. My children are in need of mercy.

Let your heart rest in the eternal waters of my mercy and begin to say the Holy Rosary for peace and hope and a greater faith throughout the world.”

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