Message of June 1 2021

Message of June 1 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of June 1 2021

Message of June 1 2021 –Message and vision from our Lady of Guadalupe

Dear Mother, Mother I need you, I love you, guide me in the eternal strength of the faith and grant me the merciful compassion of your Son Jesus, to embrace me in your whole love this day.

I am having a vision of our Lady before me. She has appeared as the Lady of Guadalupe, caring a large basket of fruits.

Gregory: Mother!

Our Lady of Guadalupe said: Yes, my dear child, I am here with you and I desire to offer you these fruits of God’s love to sustain you in your mission in these days in Colombia, to grand you the strength of God’s mercy and the hope of those who seek hope, to restore this country into a state of peace, where there is division and hater as well as love, the love of the faith and the love that those who believe in God for God.

My dear child, I am your Mother of peace and I desire peace in this country and other countries throughout the world that are so in need of God’s mercy. Listen and let me show you the way

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