Message of July 5 2022

Message of July 5 2022

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 5 2022

Message of July 5 2022 – Message of our Lord Jesus

My dear child in the light of God heaven, in the light of hope there is always peace, peace and the joy of my mercy and of my strength each day to sustain you

Open your heart to the light of my mercy and I shall guide you, I shall not leave you or abandon you.

Yes, walk in the eternal light and strength of my presence each day, walk in the hope of my mercy, that heals, that renews hope through the transformation of one soul; of one’s mind and walk in the glory of the light, the power of my Cross, my death and resurrection is life.

I love you, my dear child, I love you and I shall never abandon you.

Let your heart be filled with light and life each day, let your heart sing of hope and of the joy of my mercy.

Be not afraid, be not afraid for I shall lead you in my love.

Thank you, my Lord, thank you that I may not fear, that I may walk in the glory of the light and love your love each day.

My dear child, take my hand.

Yes, take my hand and that may lead you.

I love you. I love you and I am always with you.

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