Message of July 5 2021

Message of July 5 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 5 2021

Message of July 5 2021 – Message from God The Father

My dear child, yes, let love be your sanctuary of hope, let love be your sanctuary of strength for the peace of my Heart is always with you.

So very few children of God desire life in the Spirt, of my Son’s presence and through the faith of his love that brings mercy and hope, that brings all that is good. My dear child let your life be of prayer, a walk of prayer, a hope of prayer for the hearts of my children.

I desire that you pray more and think less. Yes, the enemy desires, satan desires, that you and your brothers and sisters focus your hearts on the problems and in the world, not in the spirit.

It is alright my child; I am calling you to new heights of love where peace and joy exists and a multitude of graces beyond knowledge you can imagine, like all the love and mercy of my Heart to the mercy of my Son’s Heart, to surrender all things in prayer to the foot of the Cross as your hearts receives and speaks of God’s mercy.


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