Message of July 4 2021

Message of July 4 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 4 2021

Message of July 4 2021 – Message and vision from our Mother Mary

Our Lady: My dearest child,

Gregory: Mother I am un worthy of those words.

Our Lady: I love you my child, and who is worthy, truly worthy of the word of God from his Heart, from his Lips to your soul.

No man in this world, my dear child, can stand worthy before the throne of God, before the throne of heaven on earth, only in God’s mercy did I desire for you to come to play this day so you receive the light of all that is good, my dear child.You have offered so much of your heart to others despite your weaknesses and I desire for you to continue your path, pray so that the enemy does not confuse you for he always tents to lie which is why I desire that you come to Me, that you run to Me in my mercy and in the hope of my love to sustain and to protect you each day.

I love you, I love you and I am always with you. 


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