Message of July 31 2021

Message of July 31 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 31 2021

Message of July 31 2021 – Message and vision from our Mother Mary

My dear child, before you return to rest, 

I desire to share with you, for you too are in need my son, in need of God’s mercy and the strength and the power of his love.

 Yes, my dear child the angel of mercy is with you, given to you so many years ago, nearly 30 now, as a sign of God’s presence and to renew and restore hope within your heart each day. 

Do not live in the past but allow us to continue to carry you within our arms into this present day and into the future where you shall inspire so many.

Yes, give them love my child, but to do so you must always receive our love daily.

Yes, my dear child daily, for God’s mercies renews each day and every day is new in the miracle of live.

Yes, my dear child, we love you and may the power of the light of the Cross fill your heart with love. Take my hand now and let us rest with joy, with renewed hope, looking to the future with faith, trusting in God’s Heart. We love you; heaven loves you Gregory, be with us eternally.

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