Message of July 22 2023

Message of July 22 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 22 2023

Message of July 22 2023 –  Messages of Our Lord Jesus and Our Lady

 I, your Lord, that moves the winds shall move you

 ‘O holy and eternal light that is now with me and has always been with me. You who had no beginning or end. My eternal light, and love, that calls me in the beauty of the darkness of the night, to receive your mercy and to renew my soul with peace.

 Yes, O holy and eternal love, I pray for the many who do not have you, who do not know the true goodness of your mercy, that I can say for them I cannot exist without you. We cannot exist without you. May you grant me the gift of opening my eyes to see my love, as you see, as you lead me for your glory and for your love.

 O holy and eternal light, take me in your mercy and lead me down the path to be an instrument of your peace. O my Lord and my Savior, may the light be with me. Penetrate and consume the depths of my soul, and grant me your strength and fortitude, for all things come from you. Oh, my eternal love, for my brothers and my sisters, may I always be the sweet sound of your voice that soothes one’s soul in your compassionate mercy and brings calm in the storms of life. O my love, you are all things, for you are everything. Lead me as you desire.’

 Our Lord says, “My dear child, I, your Lord of the night and of the day, I, your Lord, that moves the winds shall move you as I desire. I shall sing with you for I will be your song and may obedience be your light.”

‘My Lord, grant me the graces necessary in your love to carry me to new heights of truth. Help me to see as you see, to love as you love, to give as you give.’

Jesus says, “My child, be not afraid, be not afraid and may the power of the mercy of my Cross lead you into the light. Listen to my heart and build anew, for love is waiting in everything to fulfill all things in the greatness of my mercy.

Rest now, my little love and lamb, rest now. I love you and I am always with you.”

The Mystical Rose of Heaven, who lights the face of the earth with God’s graces

 I love her, I love her and I have seen her with my eyes. The Mystical Rose of Heaven, who lights the face of the earth with God’s graces and blessings to redeem the hearts of men with her heavenly scent of love, in the name of her son, who is love.

 Mother and son, united as one heart to sing a new song of compassion and hope for our hearts. For love is redemption from the merciful heart of God, who only loves.

 He calls us to sing a new song of love with her heart through prayer, to pierce the hearts of men and call them to the greater love of God. She is the new Eve, the eternal mother, the spouse of the Holy Spirit, who holds us close to her heart to assist, to guide us, in our sorrows. For God does not bring sorrow, the sorrow that was born through the fall of man. God is life and he is hope that calls us to live in redemptive joy and peace.

 Yes, she comes to sing a new song of hope and she is only love.

 I love her and may she always keep me within the joy of her heart, close to the heart of God.

May we teach humanity how to love being his lights

 Mary is the glory of heaven, the light of the new Eve that shares her hope for redemption and salvation with all of humanity.

 She is the Ark of the New Covenant between man and God, who gave birth to life and love in giving birth to Jesus, the Eternal Word made flesh to consume our hearts with love that we may teach humanity how to love being his lights.

 Mankind has forgotten how to truly love and we, his servants, must lead the way through him and in him to be the eternal servants of the Cross and resurrection.

O how my heart burns now with the fire of divine love through her and in him.

 Come and take me, mother, enrapture me in your heavenly peace, O glorious Queen of Peace.

 I can feel you in and all around me, mother of light and life. Take me as you desire. Take me in your heart.

Through her, I can only sing of love

 Through her, I can only sing of love. My mother and protectress of the power of the Cross, protectress of the light and hope.

 You have said humanity is in need of God’s hope. Take us, your weak and poor sinners, and place us within the eternal mantle of your heart, of your love.

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