Message of July 2 2021

Message of July 2 2021

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 2 2021

Message of July 2 2021 – Message and vision from our Mother Mary

My dear child, I am your Mother, come take my hand. Our Lady is now appearing before me and she extends her hand towards me.

She smiles and looks at me as I take her hand and She begins to lead me down a night path of peace, for She only brings peace.

I love you Mother, I love you, help me to be strong, protect me when I am weak, grant me the graces and blessings of God, and to grant me the wisdom of the Holy Spirit. Yes, Oh! Come Spirit and sanctify my spirit.

Our Lady while remains silent, holds my hand with a tighter grip as She says: “Come, come, let me lead you to the nations, let me lead you to the peace and hope of my Son’s mercy”.

Mother grant me the rest this night, how do you desire to lead me to the nations.

My dear child, can you not see what you have been given? and I already began to do so. You will rejoice in all things because we shall only bring light to those who desire. 

I love you and I am always with you, take my hand and let me lead you in the peace of the mercy of Jesus and the power and light of his Cross.


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