Message of July 16 2023

Message of July 16 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 16 2023

Message of July 16 2023 –  Messages of Our Lady

Faces of infants appear in the stars

 I am now having a vision of Our Lady. She is dressed in white, levitating in the night sky and she is smiling as she places her hand upon my head, as if to anoint me with stars that appear in the sky behind her as if she is brilliantly lighting all of the stars of the night with her touch to bring the graces and blessings of heaven upon us.

 ‘O dear mother, take me in your love in your Heart Immaculate to the heart of your son Jesus, that I may only seek to love him, to be righteous through faith, not through acts but through the faith of loving only Jesus.’

 Our Lady responds, “My son, listen to my heart for it cries for my children.”

I am now having a vision of the night sky behind her, filled with stars as if every word that she speaks lights them brilliantly. And at that moment in the vision, faces of infants appear in the stars. I believe they are those infants who have been aborted, whose lives were not fulfilled on this earth, but yet, they are the stars of heaven, who entered their mother’s womb for life not fulfilled.

 We must walk courageously to stand in what we believe to be true for life, for creation and for all that is good. We must walk in the eternal joy of the light, walk in the eternal graces of God’s love.

 ‘Mother, do you desire to share a message?’

 Our Lady says, “Yes, my child, I speak in humility and in faith for God, for his heart and for his people. Do not let your heart be confused by all that is in the world, but seek us only, each day, and to trust us with your love for we love you so. My son, the hearts of my children are in need. The world is crying in its pains and confusion to grow.

Yes, my son, to grow without the love of my son Jesus, who is light in the darkness, and who sheds the light of truth where there is confusion, deceit and lies. I will come to you in these days to draw you ever so closely to him for I have heard your prayers.”

‘Mother, I only desire to love Jesus and through loving him, love others, to love my family and the joy of my work to be true in faith and by living the truth of the Scripture. Lead me by your hand to the words of God almighty and eternal to fill my soul. I want to leave this world now, to be with you all, but I know that my mission is not yet fulfilled, and I must return to the full and immediate focus of doing so.’

 Mother replies, “Listen to my heart, my son, for my words are true and they are filled with light. I have come to you this night and I shall continue to come to you because I am your Lady of Peace, your Mother of Peace, and you always receive such when opening your heart to me.”

‘Mother, you know every weakness, and every strength that I need.’

“Listen, listen to my heart. Let me guide you. I am with you and I love you, my son.”

‘Yes, Mother guide me in the glory of the light of the stars of heaven, to renew my hope each day. And mother, one of those friends whom I have left behind on my island . . .’

“My son, they know that you love them, and if they need you, they shall call you. Be a friend to all. But you are no longer a child, you are a man, our son, called by God to fulfill this work. You too may call them, when you desire. But know, that neither you, nor they, shall leave each other’s hearts. Begin to call them, one by one, and you shall see the light to all things with love, my son, and for the glory of Jesus do not believe in the lies of the enemy.”

The truths of the new covenant between man and God

 Our Savior says, “My dearest child, it is good that you have come to me this day to allow me to embrace you within my arms of mercy and to release you in the joy of my hope.

I desire for all of my children to come and allow me to share with them the truths of my eternal love, the truths of the new covenant between man and God, which is the fulfillment of the Word made flesh, of me, your Jesus, given to all as a sacrifice, the sacrifice of my body and blood that transforms and heals the soul when one seeks my mercy to forgive them.”

‘O my Lord, your apostles were simple men, imperfect, sometimes quarreling amongst themselves, seeking to be for the first in their pride, when you once told them that the first shall be last and the last shall be first. I say this with great love, my Lord, that your heart is eternally good and compassionate, patient and loving. For yet we who are weak and poor sinners, you continue to call as you called your apostles so many years ago.

 Your faithfulness to your covenant and promise that redeems us, that forgives us, has not changed.

 I love you, my Lord. I love you.’

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