Message of July 15 2023

Message of July 15 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 15 2023

Message of July 15 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Do not be concerned for things here. I will take care of them.

 Our Lord says, “It is good that you have come to me now, so that I may embrace you within my arms and call you within my heart of peace, to stand within me and I within you, walking together in the love of my mercy, united in prayer and in hope for others.

There are many souls who are discouraged, my son. They do not know their path or their way. You are meant to be out fulfilling your work. Do not be concerned for things here. I will take care of them and I desire that you go and fulfill this work in Ecuador that shall also open many doors for this country.

Listen to my heart and the hearts of my people with great compassion in the strength of my mercy to stand tall. Let not the enemy discourage you, but rejoice. Rejoice this day in my love and in all that I have given you, my son. The mercy of my cross shines forever and, at this moment, within your heart.”

‘O Holy Spirit made me bold and courageous to stand in prayer and in service with great love for the hopes, the dreams, the salvation of my brothers and sisters.’

May I mature in my childlike ways

 Solomon once said every word of God is flawless. And Paul explains everything in the Scripture is God’s word, all of it is useful for teaching and helping people, and correcting them and in how to live.

 ‘O my dear Lord, may your words of truth live within me and guide me as your mother desires. As both you and she had once said, to read the words of the Scripture which are the words made flesh, words of the light that strengthen and edify our souls. I pray to be immersed in the eternal joys of your word, that I may mature in my childlike ways and be obedient to all truth with a reverent love for you, my Lord.’

 The question has been asked me, “How do we grow closer to God?”- through his invitation to pray and read the words of the power of the Scripture to enlighten, to strengthen our bond and our relationship with Christ to guide us through the power of the Holy Spirit.

 For Jesus said, ‘I am the way, the truth and I am the life’ for all souls.

 In that life is his Word living within us, the Word made flesh, Jesus, living and breathing within us.

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