Message of July 14 2023

Message of July 14 2023

Walk upon the miracle of the waters

Message of July 14 2023

Message of July 14 2023-  Messages of Our Lord Jesus

Share with me with simple words of love

 ‘Lord, how should we talk to you? How should we pray to you?’

 Our dear Jesus responds, “My dear child, I have no expectations that I place upon a soul in the liberty of the free will that I have given them in how they should pray to me. All I ask is that my children open their hearts to me in prayer to share with me with simple words of love, the needs, the hopes, the sufferings of their hearts.

O my dear child, so few of my children come to me because they are afraid or they think that I am not a loving God, always ready to embrace them. But all one must do is open their hearts to embrace me, their Savior, by speaking to me as their friend with great trust and hope in me.

It is when you come to me in the night or in the moments of the day that I rejoice in receiving you, because our hearts are more closely united, and I desire for my heart to be united to all of my children for I too need love.

I, their Savior, am always waiting. Talk to me, my children, for I am your Good Shepherd. I will listen and guide your hearts with hope and with love, to take your hands and lead you in my mercy to greener pastures of faith and to find strength in me.

I love you and I am always waiting for each one of you.”

Here I am my child- run no further away, but run to me

 ‘My Lord, I am so frequently asked the question, ‘How do we come back to you when we have lived as your prodigal children?’’

 Our Lord replies, “My dear child, in the parable that I taught on the prodigal son, it was my greatest desire to share a message of my Father’s loving mercy for his children and that he is always waiting with open arms of eternal love to receive them.

And I am always waiting to receive sinners in calling all of my children, all souls, to my mercy, to always forgive and love them, to grant them my compassion and my kindness. And to say, ‘Here I am my child. Run no further away, but run to me, run into my arms that I may redeem and love you.’

So many of my children live in loneliness and fear and isolation. For they choose not to humble themselves and open their hearts to me in prayer, in asking me to help them, in asking me to grant them the joy of my love, the joy that I have in receiving them that we both may rejoice together.

Yes, I am always waiting for my children and that is why I am calling all souls to turn their hearts back to God.

Yes, listen to my heart, my child, and I thank you. For in the example of the prodigal son, I give only my heart to all who desire to receive me.”

‘My Lord, forgive me. Forgive me, this poor and weak sinner. Forgive me my pride and I ask you to help me each day to grow ever closer to you and to stand within the embrace of your arms and your love.’

When one loves me, they choose not to sin or to remain living in sin

 Our Savior says, “My dear child, one may ask, am I truly as merciful as they read in these messages? And I say ‘Yes!,’ committed with great love in the eternal sacrifice of my passion for my children, to offer them my mercy, to give them my heart and just say you are forgiven and that there is no sin greater than my mercy that forgives.

No matter what you have done in the past, no matter the harm you feel that you have cause not only to yourself but to others, I am prepared with my mercy to receive you and to forgive you. I love you, my dear children, and I am always waiting to forgive with great compassion and hope through my forgiveness that heals the soul.

So often Satan desires to place a spirit of self-condemnation within the soul, so that they may not trust in my mercy and remain in the bondage of sin and unforgiveness. But I say let your hearts be free through the power of my death and resurrection. Let your hearts be free to come to me always, for I am always waiting and my mercy is like a salve that heals the soul, that heals the wounds of sin.

And I say, follow the example of Mary of Magdala, who kneeled at my feet, bearing her heart in her sins with all humility and love for me. For when one loves me, they choose not to sin or to remain living in sin. For my love always calls all with tears of repentance to receive my mercy. For my mercy does not exclude, it does not discriminate, it does not build walls of prejudice but only towers of hope that are like beacons of light, calling all of humanity to return to me.”

Do not be concerned for the place- turn to me at every moment

 Forgive the music in the background, but I am now at the gym where Jesus has asked me to care for good health for my body. And having just read the answers to the questions that I posed to Jesus last night, I am now in need of receiving his mercy and in turning to his love, for he said whether it be at night or in the day, he would receive me.

 ‘I am now here my Lord, take me as you desire, within your arms of peace, within your arms of hope and mercy. For I have felt alone these past hours without my family present. But I know that you are almighty and all present in all circumstances as you have told me to receive you.’

 Our Lord says, “My child, it is good that you have come to me and do not be concerned for the place. But most importantly is that you are now, through prayer, within my heart. I love you. I love you.

I am glad that you have come to me to relieve your heart of the loneliness that you feel so that you may continue in the beauty of my strength this day. In those moments when you are feeling separated or isolated from me, turn to me at every moment to receive me.

My heart cries for poor sinners and my heart cries for all souls in my mercy.

I love you and I thank you for where you stand at this moment within my heart.”

My heart cries for each one of you to return to me

 So often souls will ask me, ‘Gregory, but we do not hear or see God in the way that you do. We are not like you.’

Jesus says in response, “My dear child, as I once told my apostles, ‘The first will be last, and the last shall be first.’ And although one may not see and hear me, as you see and hear me, I speak to all souls from my heart through the power of the Holy Spirit. When one opens their heart to me, all can hear and see me. All can speak to me in a different way.

And I once told my Apostle Thomas, ‘Blessed are those who believe that have not seen.’ For I love all. I take all within the embrace of my arms and I desire to receive all of my mercy.

No matter the state of the soul or the state of their relationship with me, my heart is always ready and open to receive them in a relationship of my love. My heart cries for all souls, and one must not feel unworthy, because my child who is worthy?

I once said, ‘No man is good and no man is perfect but perfected in the graces of my love.” So, I ask each and all to come to me, whether they be first or they be last, most importantly for the salvation and hope of their souls for the eternal mercies of their hearts.

Yes, let your heart come to me. And let your hearts not be afraid, my dear children, for I never forget you. I always proclaim I love to you each day through the power of my eternal sacrifice and victory in the Cross, to forgive and to redeem each one of you through my mercy.

I love you; I love you and I am always with you. My heart cries for each one of you to return to me and I am always waiting in the eternal fields of faith and hope to receive you.”

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